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Perhaps only the little in Kaliningrad do not know this name — the scientist, the musician, the artist and the poet. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Orlenok — the doctor of geolo-go-mineralogical sciences, professor, the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation — graduated with honors from geographical faculty of MSU, became the author of numerous works on geology, geography, geophysics. Long ago is fond of music and painting. Concerto for a piano with orchestra, romances and songs, including "The anthem by geographers", were repeatedly executed in RGU of I. Kant, in philharmonic hall and on other scenic platforms.

Since 1991 V. Orlenok is the permanent dean of faculty of geography and geoecology, the head of the Kaliningrad office of the Russian Geographical Society. It is an organizer and the participant more than 30 sea and ocean geologic-geophysical expeditions.

The main scientific interests of V.V. Orlenk lie in the field of physics of Earth, planetology, sea geology and geophysics, geoecology. He became the founder of the new scientific direction — petrophysics of an ocean floor; for the first time proved the phenomenon of an okeanization in his modern understanding and developed the new theory of evolution of Earth; calculated quantitative values of endogenous receipts and photolytic losses of the terrestrial hydrosphere, defined a constant of photolysis and removed the new equation of water balance; determined two eras of global volcanism — initial in the Hadean and Cainozoic in the final of evolution of Earth; developed a method of calculation of volumes and capacities of vulkanit and the water formed on Earth, Long and planets.

V.V. Orlenok is an author more than 250 scientific works, including 11 monographs, 9 textbooks and manuals. Originator and editor of 14 interuniversity collections of scientific articles; editor-in-chief and coauthor of "Geographical atlas of the Kaliningrad region" (2002). The monograph "Earth Okeanization History" is awarded a gold medal of P.P. Xie-menova-Tyan-Shanskogo of the Russian Geographical Society (1999). Among his pupils there are more than 10 candidates and 2 doctors of science.

From 1975 to 1992 under the leadership of the prof. V.V. Orlenk 15 expeditions in the Baltic, Black, Barents seas, in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans were organized and conducted.

Bulletin of the Russian state university of I. Kant. 2011. Issue 1. Page 172 — 175.

Main scientific works

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Earth okeanization history. Kaliningrad: Amber narration, 1998.

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Physical map of the Kaliningrad region. Scale 1:200,000. Kaliningrad, 2002.

Bathymetric map of the Vishtynetsky lake. Scale 1:10,000. Kaliningrad, 1998.

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