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The organizer, the person from capital letter (to the 65 anniversary since the birth of Pyotr Ivanovich width)

chast the territory adjoining the region of the Kem-pirsaysky giperbazitovy massif. Our tent base was near Aktyubinsk, about one railway junction. We saw how echelons with tanks went from Central Asia. Officers during a stop of echelons did not hide that the equipment is thrown to the western borders of the country since war with Germany was expected. I write about it since in our press those years preached a thesis that our country was not preparing for war with Germany in connection with the signed peace treaty with it. It was a lie. Prepared, but there is not enough, and without due courtesy.

At once after declaration of war I returned to Tomsk and as the second lieutenant of a stock was mobilized in the 370th rifle division formed in Asino near Tomsk. Was involved in fights in artillery divisions, it was wounded and contused, underwent treatment in hospitals. At the final stages of war participated in Sandomierz operation, in release from fascist aggressors of Poland and Czechoslovakia. Unforgettable and concerning were with me in memory May days 1945 in Slovakia with its blossoming snow-white gardens and enthusiastic shouts of Slovaks & #34; Nazdar! Nazdar! & #34; welcoming us - soldiers liberators.

Pyotr Ivanovich Sherin, is known to much, and not only at the Tomsk Polytechnic University, dear person. Growth he was an average, fluffy-haired, with a cheerful clever look of the blue eyes reflecting kindness of soul, softness and insistence. On December 7, 2004 to it sixty five years would be executed.

Fig. 1. Pyotr Ivanovich Sherin (1939 — 1999)

Pyotr Ivanovich in 1939 in working family in the village — the gold B. Berikul Tisulsko-go mine of the region of the Kemerovo region was born; he was younger, and the sister and two brothers were more senior than him. Pyotr left secondary school in Leninsk-Kuznetsky and began to work here at the mine & #34; Комсомолец" driver of an underground electric locomotive. The sociable, benevolent, active Komsomol member, the good expert he was known and respected in the mine and in the area, despite youth. In 1960 the administration of the mine directed Pyotr Ivanovich to study in the Tomsk polytechnical institute by the economic scholar for training of the mine geologist. Along with successful study Pyotr Ivanovich began to be engaged in scientific work in collective to. g - m of N of Vladimir Yaroslavovich Koudelny.

In 1967 after obtaining the diploma of the geological engineer Pyotr Ivanovich at the request of institute and with the consent of the mine remained at department of geology and investigation of mineral deposits as the engineer where continued the researches begun in students. At that time geologists-intelligence agents charged to institute to study features of manifestation of low-amplitude tectonic forms in excavations of mines and uglerazrez which could not be found by usual methods, but seriously influenced mining-and-geological conditions of working off. Synthesis of experience of mine geological service and carrying out

special a research allowed to predict a tectonic narushennost of razveduyemy sites and mine fields. This subject was relevant and demanded.

For operating time P.I. Sherin worked at department on economic contractual subjects including as the executive, published scientific articles. With its participation the album & #34 was developed; Morphological types tektonostruktur Kuzbassa" which in 1977 was exhibited at ENEA of the USSR at Moscow and it was noted silver and bronze awards. It successfully defended the master's thesis in 1980, being by then already the gentleman of all three degrees of the sign & #34; Miner's слава". In 1987 in Kemerovo there was a book & #34; Technique of investigation of coal Kuzbassa" fields; in which Pyotr Ivanovich was a coauthor.

Pyotr Ivanovich conducted several years public work in a trade-union bureau of prospecting faculty of TPI, was appointed the curator of educational student's groups. In 1973 was a commander of experimental student's group in Strezhevy, repeatedly was responsible from institute on harvesting in state farms of the Tomsk region and Tomsk.

Pyotr Ivanovich had the rare gift of communication, ability to lead, working capacity and responsibility, originality in the solution of scientific problems that could not remain unnoticed. Therefore soon after the termination of institute he becomes the deputy dean for research work at faculty, and through nep-

rodolzhitelny time is offered to it work in the research sector of TPI as the deputy chief. And in 1982 Pyotr Ivanovich is appointed to the position of the deputy vice rector for scientific work. The vice rector for scientific work professor Vladilen Aleksandrovich Moskalyov very much appreciated the deputy and charged him the most labor-consuming and responsible affairs.

In P.I. Sherin's asset there are a lot of big affairs. In 1976 he was responsible for the organization of a regional exhibition & #34; Scientists of Tomsk - the ninth пятилетке" in Tomsk and exhibitions & #34; Achievements of the Tomsk polytechnical institute in educational, educational and research работе" in Moscow (ENEA). For participation in the organization of the last exhibition to Pyotr Ivanovich Sherin it is thanked officially the Minister MVISSO of RSFSR. In 1986 the Ministry appoints the Tomsk polytechnical institute responsible for holding an exhibition & #34; Achievements of higher education institutions of Siberia and Distant Vostoka" in Moscow. This work is charged to Pyotr Ivanovich again. As a result scientists of our institute got over 300 medals of ENEA for the scientific achievements. As the good organizer P.I. Sherin was invited to take part in holding a similar exhibition in Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Pyongyang).

Along with fruitful administrative activity, Pyotr Ivanovich never forgot native prospecting faculty and always took active part in his life.

Fig. 2. Process of scientific work. From left to right: Pyotr Ivanovich Sherin, Yury Nikolaevich Popov, Vladimir Yaroslavovich Ko-specific. Picture of the end of the 1960th

There are a lot of forces and heart and soul Pyotr Ivanovich put in the organization of publishing and printing (IPF TPI). Since 1993 the need for printed materials considerably increased in TPU (TPI): editions of monographs, educational and methodical materials, works of conferences, production of representative products, brochures for faculties, etc. For performance of this work as P.I. Sherin the professional, friendly, efficient staff was created. This collective was for it the second family. Pyotr Ivanovich was always interested in progress of employees, empathized with them their progress and failures, helped with the solution of housing problems, receiving a decent salary.

Pyotr Ivanovich was respected, both the high-ranking Moscow officials, and our ordinary people worked with pleasure with it. It creatively treated the charged business, could see and realize talent of employees.

Some internal force in combination with openness, softness, humour, wisdom pulled to

to it people. There was a wish to be near it, to make something good, to be on friendly terms. It was always ready to help, and itself, with the person inherent only to it gratitude, willingly accepted the help of friends.

He was an excellent family man. His family - too polytechnicians: the wife Lilia Yakovlevna works as the senior teacher in the sports and improving center, the daughter Marina, to. g - m of N - in educational management.

The terrestrial way of Pyotr Ivanovich Sherin ended on November 8, 1999. All the life it was right native prospecting faculty and the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

All friends and the colleague Pyotr Ivanovich understand that the destiny presented them luxury of communication with the extraordinary, sincere, active, interesting person. The memory of it is alive also now. Collectives where it worked, remember it and help his family. Friends devote to his light memory scientific works.

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A.Ya. Pshenichkin

Tomsk Polytechnic University of E-mail:

Data on the minerals called in honor of geologists polytechnicians and the minerals discovered by graduates geologists of TPU are provided.

Geologists polytechnicians V.A. Obruchev, M.A. Usov, K.I. Satpayev, N.N. Urvantsev, Yu.A. Kuznetsov, F.N. Shakhov, A.M. Kuzmin, K.V. Radugin and many, many others contributed significantly in studying subsoil of our country, to creation of its mineral resources. And their work is noted by honorary titles and awards of the Homeland, ridges and tops, glaciers and the rivers, squares, streets of the cities and settlements, steamships and fields, fossil florae and fauna, and newly opened minerals are called by their names [1, 2].

About 50 minerals and mineral types are opened by graduates geologists polytechnicians or are called in honor of our scientists-polytechnicians.

Obruchevit (asphaltite) - mineral from a class of natural bitumens. It is open in 1932 in Dzungaria (Xinjiang, China) [1, 2].

Obruchevit - (At, and, T, Sa) the 2nd (That, No. & gt;) D(ON) - mineral from group of pyrochlorine. Found in 1956 by E.I. Nefedov in a pegmatitic vein of Alakurti in northwest Karelia in association with ortity, garnet, white mica, quartz in zones intensive

albitization [3]. Professor A.A. Beus described it as new mineral and gave it the name - obruchevit [2].

Minerals are called

in honor of Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev (1863-1956), the outstanding Russian and the Soviet geologist and the geographer with a world name, the largest researcher of Siberia, Central and Central Asia, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the winner Leninskaya (1926) and Stalin (1941, 1955) of awards, hero of Socialist work (1945), organizer of construction of the Mountain case and first dean of mountain office of the Tomsk Institute of Technology (1901-1909), founder of the Siberian school of geologists.

Usovit - Va2M§A1^12 - baric fluorine-aluminate from group of cryolite. Found in 1963 by graduates of GRF TPI A.D. Nozhkin (1958) and V.A. Gavrilenko (1966) in upper courses of the river Noyby (the left inflow of the Tei River in Yenisey Ridge) in a fluorite vein in association with green and colourless types of fluorite. Mineral is with them in close mutually germination. Called in honor

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