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Lifetime editions of D.I. Mendeleyev in the NTB TPU collections. To the 175 anniversary since the birth of the great Russian scientist

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T.A. Romanova

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This publication on the basis of inaccessible sources and archive materials characterizes that part of lifetime editions of the great scientist which are stored in personal book collections of department of rare books and manuscripts of the TPU Scientific and technical library.

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D.I. Mendeleyev's merits before world and domestic science are big, his scientific and literary activity is huge. D.I. Mendeleyeva belongs to Peru more than 500 printing works on chemistry, physics, metrology, aeronautics, economy, national education, the population, etc. Nevertheless, he characterized them in the diary entries on July 10, 1905 modestly: "In total more than four subjects made my name: periodic law, research of elasticity of gases, understanding of solutions as associations and "Fundamentals of chemistry". There is all my wealth. It is not taken away from somebody, and made by me, these are my children, and them, alas, I value strongly, as much, as children" [1].

About 35 works of D.I. Mendeleyev published at his life are stored in department of rare books and manuscripts of NTB TPU. Part of them came at different times to NTB as a part of book meetings of the famous scientists, patrons, professors and the staff of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. D. Mendeleyev's works are found in collections of the secretary of Scientific Committee of Mountain Department Sergey Nikolaevich Kulibin, Krasnoyarsk gold industry entrepreneur Alexander Petrovich Kuznetsov, professors of TTI Efim Lukyanovich Zu-bashev, Arkady Valeryanovich Lavrsky, Alexander Eduardovich Sabek and Innokenti Nikolaevich Butakov and also the civil engineer Alfred Andreevich Meyngard. Several works are stored in the Tomsk Alekseevsky's collections re-

alny school and Laboratory of TTI nutrients. In this publication it is planned to reveal book meetings of A.P. Kuznetsov. A.E. Sabek, A.V. Lavrsky, I.N. Butakov and Laboratory of TTI nutrients.

TTI library was open in October, 1900, along with the beginning of classes at the Tomsk Institute of Technology. For this period its fund made 6 thousand copies and included books on mathematics, physics, chemistry, theoretical mechanics. Educational literature was necessary for newly established institute. Gifts of the former students of capital higher education institutions became one of sources of completing of educational literature of library. And today a large number of the editions, mainly, lithographed which authors are professors St. Petersburg is kept in NTB funds: university, mountain and technological institutes, Kharkiv university and Institute of Technology, Warsaw polytechnical institute and many others.

At the end of 1900 in NTB came to a book gift from a private library of the Krasnoyarsk gold industry entrepreneur and the patron Alexander Petrovich Kuznetsov (1848-1913). A.P. Kuznetsov was one of sons of the famous merchant, the hereditary honourable citizen Pyotr Ivanovich Kuznetsov (1818-1878), the former mayor of Krasnoyarsk. Alexander Petrovich except gold mines had in Krasnoyarsk steam sawmill and

mechanical plant. Was the director of board of joint-stock company of shipping company of Yenisei. From 1883 to 1913 was public City Council. Hereditary honourable citizen. Besides, A.P. Kuznetsov was a member of various institutions and charities, the trustee of educational institutions [2].

At the end of XIX - the beginning of the 20th centuries not one generation of this influential family was well known in Krasnoyarsk and beyond its limits the charitable and philanthropic activity. In 1878 Alexander Petrovich's father got for the opening Tomsk University a part of a private library of professor of the St. Petersburg spiritual academy Karpov and doublets of Imperial St. Petersburg public library (more than 500 copies) [4]. It is known that Kuznetsov constantly gave books in public and student libraries of the city. The family library which was considered as one of the best home libraries of Krasnoyarsk (a component about three thousand books) they offered in fund of the Krasnoyarsk city library [3]. In fund of library of the opening Tomsk Institute of Technology of the Emperor Nicholas II Alexander Petrovich Kuznetsov offered a part of the student library. Today the collection consists of 40 textbooks, grants and the lithographed courses of lectures for 1864-1880. In the late eighties A.P. Kuznetsov studied of the 19th century at the St. Petersburg Practical Institute of Technology where earlier D.I. Mendeleyev taught.

In A.P. Kuznetsov's collection 8 lifetime editions of D. D.I. are revealed. Among them several works published by Public Advantage Association. The Public Advantage association arose in 1860 in St. Petersburg for the edition of public literature on various branches of natural sciences. The association which existed more than 50 years employed outstanding scientists. Active part in its activity was taken by D.I. D.I. From 1861 to 1873. Public Advantage published 23 works of D.I., including "Organic chemistry", "Fundamentals of Chemistry", "The technical encyclopedia", i.e. almost all largest works of the young scientist [5].

In the second half of the 19th century among diversified grants the translated guides to chemical technology of professor of the Zurich polytechnical school F used the greatest popularity. Being ill also the German chemist R. Wagner. The book by Wagner was used in Germany and as the textbook. From 1850 to 1890 it sustained 13 editions there. Johann Rudolph von Wagner (1822-1880) was professor of chemistry at Polytechnical school of Nuremberg and agronomical chemistry and technology at the Würzburg university. Translation of its guide "Theorie und Praxis der Gewerde: Hand - und Lehrbuch der Technologie" from German into Russian

language was begun under edition of professor of the St. Petersburg university M.V. Skoblikov (1825-1861). Having been seriously ill, professor submitted the begun case to D.I. D.I. considerably added releases of "Technology", brought in them own materials: "... much itself supplemented. This edition was to me the cause for studying technical chemistry. But original I consider here a little. Wrote everything" [6]. Under the name "Technology for Wagner" D.I. D.I. published: issue 1: "Production of flour, bread and starch" (1862); issue 2: "Sugar production" (1862); issue 3: "Production of alcohol and alkoolometriya" (1862). After issue 3 releases of the book D.I. D.I. decided to continue their edition as independent with other name: "Technical encyclopedia". He writes article "Glass Production" for the 4th release of "The technical encyclopedia" (1864). Concerning the following releases D.I. D.I. wrote: "Without having time itself to translate and make the following releases of "The technical encyclopedia", I invited technologists, but had to give up soon this business because for edition came the way nothing of me and publishers grew cold to business. The thought of advantage and value of the technical encyclopedia pursues me and still, but to make this business favorable I am not a master" [6]. In total from 1862 to 1869 there were 8 releases of "The technical encyclopedia" devoted to production of foodstuff, alcohol, glass, tanning goods, paper, processing of animal products. The edition remained incomplete because of unprofitability. In A.P. Kuznetsov's collection the 1 and 3 releases of "Technology for Wagner" and the 4th release of "The technical encyclopedia" remained. All of them have the possessory combined cover with initials of "A.K." on a back and the title page and also the owner's stamp executed by a stamping method: "Alexander Petrovich Kuznetsov".

In the combined cover with initials of "A.K." on the title page "The organic chemistry" which was written by D.I. D.I. in 1861 is issued and became the first Russian grant on this discipline. According to the recommendation of professors A.A. Voskresensky and N.N. Zinin it it was included in the academic competition on a competition of the Demidovsky award - the highest scientific award of Russia of that time. The Demidovsky award for scientists founded in 1831 by the Ural industrialist P.N. Demidov and existing till 1866 was a prototype of the Nobel Prize. For these years 55 full and 220 half awards were allocated that demonstrates not only that the Russian science intensively developed, but also about interest of industrial circles in its development. In 1862 this award which was considered in a scientific world of very honourable was awarded to Dmitry D.I. [7].

The first edition of "Organic chemistry" quickly dispersed, and next year the textbook was a feather -

published. In the preface to the 2nd edition D.I. Mendeleyev wrote: "I consider it necessary to notice that by drawing up "organic chemistry", I was guided by many foreign compositions and magazines, but did not follow any course therefore - that could not find the book meeting those requirements what in my opinion enhance advantage of the manual. To the 2nd edition I made some additions corresponding to new opening, but the general plan left former" [8].

The first edition of the classical work "Fundamentals of Chemistry" became "pearl" of a collection of the textbooks and grants presented by A.P. Kuznetsov, undoubtedly (Part 2; SPb., 1871) [9], 8 editions which sustained during lifetime of D.I. Mendeleyev in Russian and several editions in foreign languages (the 2nd prod. in 1872, the 3rd - in 1877, the 4th - in 1881, the 5th - in 1889, the 6th - in 1895, the 7th - in 1903. In 1891 there was English translation of Kamensk; in 1892 - German, in 1896-99 - French) [10]. Here D.I. Mendeleyev for the first time stated inorganic chemistry on the basis of the periodic law. On wealth and courage of a scientific thought, originality of illumination of material, influence on development and teaching chemistry this work had no equal in the world literature. "These "Bases" - beloved my child. In them - my image, my experience of the teacher and my heart-felt scientific thoughts" were written by the scientist [1]. In total 3 of 8 lifetime editions of the textbook of D.I. Mendeleyev of "Fundamentals of chemistry" are stored in department of rare books and manuscripts.

In 1891 the teacher of SPb of Practical Institute of Technology the associate professor L.Yu. Yavey-nom and the assistant to chemical laboratory of the same institute A. Tello made the translation into German of the 5th edition of "Fundamentals of chemistry" of D.I.

The book copy which is stored in the NTB TPU rare fund came to library in 1910 as a part of a book collection of professor of TTI A.E. Sabek. The cover brown combined, is magnificently issued: a leather back with bandage and gold stamping; leather corners of covers of a cover, a cover of a cover are covered with light brown "marble" corrugated paper; crimson sawn-off shotgun; fly-leaves are also executed with use of "marble" paper of dark green color. On the back fly-leaf there is a printing sticker of a binding workshop: "K.EK.B.8." [11]. Owner of the book Alexander Eduardovich Sabek (1864-1909) professor of department of chemical technology of mineral substances, her organizer and the first dean of construction office of TTI (1902-1909); in 1906 in short term took up a position of the director of institute. The book collection of A.E. Sabek was acquired for the TTI educational library from the scientist's widow for 500 rubles. It represents a literature selection from the 2nd a floor. XIX in beginning 20th century on

chemistry, chemical technology of mineral substances, construction and paper stationery production in the Russian, German and French languages. In department of rare books 376 copies of books, brochures and prints belonging to A.E. Sabek are revealed.

The sixth edition of "Fundamentals of chemistry" [12] is stored in two book collections of professors of TTI: A.E. Sabek and A.V. Lavrsky. Arkady Valeryanovich Lavrsky (1863-1944) professor of mineralogy of the Tomsk Institute of Technology in 1907-1944. One of organizers and the first director of the Siberian high female courses in Tomsk. Its collection came to NTB in January, 1945 in number of 285 copies. It represents a meeting of literature on the general questions of geology, mineralogy and petrography in Russian with the 2nd a floor. XIX-of 1940

The main scientific achievement of D.I. the 80th of the 19th century was the creation of the doctrine about solutions stated to them is the fullest in the monograph "Issledovaniye Water Solutions on Specific Weight" (SPb., 1887) [13]. This work was continuation and theoretical extension of its doctoral dissertation "Compound of alcohol with water". Circulation of the monograph of small only 930 pieces. The book came to NTB 26.03.1939 under act No. 72 as a part of a collection of books of Laboratory of STI (TPU) nutrients. The copy which is stored in a collection has a set of distinctive signs. It is issued in the combined cover: a brown leather back with bandage and stamping, dermantinovy covers of a cover of black color are decorated with difficult engraved ornament. On a back a printing label in an accidental frame: "Lab. to feed. in-in Siberian a technol. Inta". On the back of a cover, on the front fly-leaf and the title page stamps: "To feed Inventar Lab. in-in No. 922" and "to feed Inventar Lab. in-in No. 153". A multiple dung in the text. On the front fly-leaf black ink - a possessory inscription: S. Filatov. Sergey Mikhaylovich Filatov - (1876-1914 (?) graduate of physical and mathematical faculty of the Kharkiv University (1902) the pupil D.P. Turbaby. D.P. Turbab's professor in 1894-1899 gave a course of physical chemistry at the Kharkiv university, since 1900 he is professor of TTI. It is quite probable that S.M. Filatov arrived to Tomsk by his invitation. Within 12 years (1902-1914) it work as the senior laboratory assistant in the TTI physical and chemical laboratory under the leadership of D.P. Tourist's women [14].

In a book meeting of professor of TPI Innokenti Nikolaevich Butakov (1881-1970) of the famous scientist in area the heating engineers, along with technical literature are stored books on philosophy, psychology, economy. Among them: Russian translation of the edition of the French publicist P.Zh. Prudon "War and peace" (SPb., 1864), the sensational book by O. Spengler "the Decline of Europe" (M., 1923) and, of course, two works of D.I. Mende -

of a leev "Treasured thoughts" and "To knowledge of Russia", being outstanding works of the Russian economic science. The book "Treasured Thoughts", the will to future generations generalizing his political economic ideas, D.I. D.I. wrote in 1903-1905. It contains results endured and changed the mind on various questions concerning economic, state and public life of Russia. According to the contents "Treasured thoughts" also work "Knowledge of Russia" which basis was formed by data of a population census of 1897 and statistical data on most the branches of the Russian industry adjoins. Many of D.I.'s ideas, stated in these works, remain relevant and now. The copy of the book "Treasured Thoughts" [15] which is stored in a collection represents complete collection of all earlier published releases. It consists of 9 chapters and the epilog printed in October, 1905 with Kni-


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the hectare is bound by the owner: on a back initials of "I.N.B." are engraved. On the title page a stamp ex-libris: "From books inzh. I.N. Butakova". Just the same stamp ex-libris is on the title page and at the end of the book "To Knowledge of Russia" [16]. The copy of the book came to I.N. Butakov's collection from the unidentified person: on a leather back with bandage stamping by gold - "B.P.".

Studying the book meetings which are stored in NTB TPU allows to establish a circle not only the professional interests of professors of TTI, but also their addiction, views and hobbies. Thanks to private book collections in NTB the set of rare and valuable editions remained. The scientific and technical library of the Tomsk Polytechnic University is proud of the fact that lifetime editions and great D.I.'s autograph are stored in its funds.

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