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Professor Arkady Pavlovich Nesterov


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On December 7, 2009 in Moscow the prominent ophthalmologist, the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the honored worker of science of RSRFR, the winner of the State award professor Arkady Pavlovich Nesterov died.

A.P. Nesterov was born on June 23, 1923 in Buzuluk of the Orenburg region. After the termination of high school in Samara, the young man worked at mail, then received profession of the driver and in 1942 joined the ranks of the Soviet Army, was a participant of the Battle of Stalingrad in days of the Great Patriotic War — served in a general part, and is later in autobattalion, is awarded with awards of Patriotic war of the II degree and the Labour Red Banner. After demobilization in 1946 he could fulfill the old dream to become the doctor and for this purpose entered the Kuibyshev state medical institute.

Knowledge gained in the years of study at institute awakened genuine interest in scientific research in the talented graduate. After the termination of institute in 1952 the young doctor continued study in an internship and a postgraduate study at department of eye diseases. In 1956 A.P. Nesterov under the leadership of the outstanding ophthalmologist and the teacher, the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the prof. T.I. Eroshevsky defended the master's thesis on a keratoplasty and worked as the assistant to department of eye diseases, and in 1964 — the doctoral dissertation "Hydrodynamics of an eye and methods of its research" and headed department of eye diseases of the Kazan state medical institute. Were results of its vigorous creative activity further development Kazan nauch-

ache ophthalmologic school, rewarding with an award of a name of the academician M.I. Averbakh of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969) for a complex of works on eye hydrodynamics, award of a rank of the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation (1974) and the State award of the USSR (1975) got by it together with prof. T.I. Eroshevsky and M.M. Krasnov and also an award of N.I. Pirogov of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (1994).

Editorial activity in "The Kazan medical magazine" from 1968 to 1974 was a significant event in Arkady Pavlovich's life. The volume of articles for these years practically did not change — about 300 in a year, and such level was supported as optimum. Quickly enough A.P. Nesterov managed to rally on-stage performance group from such famous scientists and clinical physicians as D.M. Zubairov, V.F. Bogoyavlensky, U.Ya. Bogdanovich, M.M. Gimadeev, O.S. Koch-nev, I.Z. Mukhutdinov, L.M. Rakhlin, I.A. Salikhov, etc. Subscribed to "The Kazan medical magazine" in all federal republics and in 16 foreign countries. At insistance of the editor-in-chief prof. A.P. Nesterov the major scientific research was systematically covered in the magazine that strengthened scientific and business contacts of scientists and practical doctors. In particular, on pages of the magazine for the first time in domestic literature since 1969 a series of priority articles on clinical problems of microcirculation was published (V.F. Bogoyavlensky, L.V. Nikonova, B.G. Sadykov, etc.). Certainly, at variety of interests of readers of the magazine of an all-medical profile it is difficult to satisfy inquiries of representatives of various medical specialties. However the constant attention of an editorial board led by Arkady Pavlovich to practical remarks and wishes of readers promoted growth of number of subscribers. So, those years their number increased from 3 to 5 — 7 thousand. Without having changed the academic orientation, edition very significantly expanded subject of the magazine, having brought closer it to needs of practical health care — and in it a big merit of A.P. Nesterov. Development of oil, chemical and machine-building industries demanded studying hygienic problems in these productions and according to their coverage. As the volume of the magazine remained the same, it was necessary to stop the publication of pilot studies on some sciences and to be limited to reviews on theoretical medicine and the works which are of all-medical interest. However many questions connected with lighting difficult social

problems, a difficult ecological situation in the country, radiation contamination, especially after resumption of nuclear weapons tests, were the closed subject for mass media, scientific publications, including for "The Kazan medical magazine". And nevertheless staff of the editorial office attempts to anyway reflect position of certain areas and republics in this aspect that, of course, was strictly stopped became. However thanks to objectivity and adherence to principles of an editorial board led by A.P. Nesterov these lacks in knowledge of readers were whenever possible met.

In 1974 Arkady Pavlovich was invited to Moscow by the head of the department of medical faculty of the 2nd MMI of N.I. Pirogov (nowadays Russian state medical university) and at the same time headed problem research laboratory of microsurgery of an eye of the 2nd MMI.

Having left Kazan, A.P. Nesterov maintained the close relations with the Kazan scientists, in particular with the staff of department of biochemistry of KGMI — the prof. D.M. Zubairov, R.I. Litvinov, O.D. Zinkevich, etc. Those years at department of biochemistry, fibronectin, interest in which at Arkady Pavlovich came to the end with very good results of treatment of not healing defects of a cornea, was one of subjects to scientific research. However after the collapse of the USSR the necessary financing was stopped, and further work in this direction stopped.

A.P. Nesterov is an author over 15 books, the textbooks and monographs published including in England, the USA, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria. He published more than 300 scientific articles from which about 40 — in foreign magazines. In 1984 its opening — a phenomenon of a scleral sine in pathogenesis of open-angle glaucoma, so-called "Nesterov's effect" was registered. Among his pupils there are more than 15 doctors (the prof. N.H. Chasanoff, Yu.E. Batmanov, E.A. Egorov, etc.) and 40 candidates of medical sciences.

Convinced the materialist, Arkady Pavlovich loved science to which he devoted all the life. The main directions he scientific activity was glaucoma, shortsightedness, a diabetic retinopathy, an otsloyka of a retina. More than 200 scientific works, including 3 monographs, are devoted to a problem of circulation of intraocular liquid. It studied options of the structure of a drainage system of an eye; some mechanisms which are the cornerstone of stability of intraocular pressure are revealed and also possibilities of quality standard of products and outflow of intraocular liquid are defined that it is widely used for definition of the reasons of increase in an oftalmotonus at glaucoma and 284

indications to its surgical treatment; its classification is offered. Arkady Pavlovich paid to work out of department and clinic much attention — was a member of the International and European glaukomny societies, the American association of modern ophthalmology and also the honorary member of Czechoslovak and Bulgarian ophthalmologic societies, fulfilled duties of the deputy academician-secretary of office of clinical medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the chairman of the commission on ophthalmology of the Central certifying commission of MZ Russian Federation, was a member of the state pharmacological committee, the head of the Moscow city glaukomny center. The list of these duties is genuine surprising — really it did not keep within limits of activity of the ordinary person. Arkady Pavlovich combined big pedagogical, scientific and medical work with load of the associate editor of the Vestnik Oftalmologii magazine, the member of presidium of board of the All-Russian scientific organization of ophthalmologists, was an editor of department "Ophthalmology" of BME, the honorary member of medical society of Purkinye (1975). Till last days reviewed articles of authors of "The Kazan medical magazine".

The deepest professionalism, the rich clinical experience accumulated within long years got to Arkady Pavlovich the deserved respect from colleagues, the staff of department and clinic. Patients did not feel fear of operation and its outcome if they knew that them professor Nesterov will operate. Its working capacity, organization and conscientiousness were an example and for young specialists, and for doctors with a long standing. He was not satisfied with what has already been achieved, was aware of all significant events in the field of ophthalmology and successfully applied in treatment of patients the most modern methods of diagnostics and treatment with use of new technology and tools and itself was their developer, having 29 copyright certificates. It introduced in practice devices for an eye hydrodynamics research, original ways of expeditious treatment of glaucoma.

Externally dryish and constrained in manifestations of feelings, Arkady Pavlovich was a person very sensitive, emotional and and always with great desire helped those who needed it. Loved life, people, the nature in all its forms and manifestations, had actively a rest on the Volga islands, fished, till last days retaining the great interest in life.

It it will remain in our memory.

Prof. D.M. Zubairov, prof. N.H. Chasanoff


Ambrose Jacob Brian
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