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International scientific seminar "Sociocultural phenomenon 60-hgg.: crisis of the Soviet mentality?"

On November 23-24, 2006 in RGGU there took place the international scientific seminar "A sociocultural phenomenon of the 60th: crisis of the Soviet mentality?". It was prepared and carried out by Educational scientific center of global studies and komparativistika of IFI with the assistance of the French-Russian cultural center.

The seminar was devoted to discussion of the concept of "shestidesyatnichestvo" as the productive mental crisis of the Soviet culture which led to emergence of new and very essential trends in spiritual life of totalitarian and post-totalitarian society.

Scientists from Moscow, Tver, Novosibirsk and also from France, Germany and Japan took part in work of a seminar. The program included 21 reports:

V.I. Tyupa. Crisis of the Soviet mentality.

O.V. Fedunina. A sociocultural phenomenon of the 1960th years in domestic scientific tradition.

I.V. Fomenko (Tver) "The average would also be necessary and where to take it..."

Igor P. Smirnov (Konstants, Germany). Culture of an underground.

S.Yu. Neklyudov. Tartussko-moskovsky semiotics school in the context of the 60th: retrospective look from within.

G.I. Zvereva. Adventures of the Soviet historiography in the 60th

G.V. Makarova. Protest moods of the 60th in Taganka Theatre.

Nadezhda Grigorieva (Konstants, Germany). Request for a game (homo ludens of 1930-40 as anticipation of society of entertainments of the 1960th.).

Yu.L. Troitsky. The Artekovsky myth in the 60th years.

I.L. Popova. The myth about Bakhtin in the 60th years.

Vakana Konno (Tokyo, Japan). The Moscow conceptualism in the context of the 60th

A.B. Korchinsky. "Navodnenye of crowds, mnozhestvepnny number..." (about cultural phobias of Iosif Brodsky).

E.N. Zeltser (Novosibirsk). Iosif Brodsky and jazz consciousness.

Catharina Klingses (Vienna, Austria). Informality of behavior and appearance as consequence of a pan-European shock of the 60th

D.M. Magomedov. Image of "thaw" and its sources.

Leonid Geller (Lausanne, Switzerland). Structure of youth, or Yunost Magazine and the 60th years.

Katharine Depretto (Paris, France). Responses of the Soviet magazines to "the confidential report" of Khrushchev.

Lyubov Yurgenson (Paris, France). Crisis of memory in stories by Varlam Shalamov of the 1960th

Yu.V. Domansky (Tver) the Alcoholic discourse and the Soviet mentality in the poem of Veins. Erofeyeva "Moscow Cockerels".

V.I Dokuchayeva. Radical Polish man of the sixties Marek Hlasko.

S.P. Lavlinsky. Farewell with the 60th ("In a dream you long cried" Yu. Kazakova).

Each of the read reports caused lively discussion. The results of a seminar were summed up within "a round table".

On materials of a seminar the collective edition which structure will include the annotated bibliography of scientific research on a sociocultural perspective of the 60th is prepared

Jason Reed
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