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Yakov Filippovich Shamov: A gift to residents of Kazan (to the 100 anniversary of Shamovsky hospital). Collection of documents and materials (otv. sost. L.V. Gorokhova, sost.: O.V. Fedotova, N.A. Sharangina under the general editorship of D.I. Ibragimov). Kazan: Gasyr, 2008. 160 pages.


Yakov Filippovich Shamov: A gift to residents of Kazan (to the 100 anniversary of Shamovsky hospital). Collection of documents and materials (otv. sost. L.V. Gorokhova, sost.: O.V. Fedotova, N.A. Sharangina; under the general editorship of D.I. Ibragimov). — Kazan: Gasyr, 2008. — 160 pages

A main objective of the reviewed isto-riko-archival collection which received the status of the monograph is noble desire of authors-originators to acquaint the public of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan with life and activity of the large Kazan merchant and a hlebopromyshlennik, the self-sacrificing philanthropist Yakov Filippovich Shamov. On its means (more than half a million rubles gold) at the beginning of the XX century built the unique building of the 1st city hospital of A.G. Tere-gulova — the well-known Shamovsky hospital which impresses with reliability and modern architectural forms also today. 100 years ago this grandiose construction is proud towered over Kazan in the Osokinsky grove.

In April, 1910 the ceremonial opening of perfectly equipped hospital and transfer by her widow of the dead Agrippina Hrisanfovna Shamova to maintaining the Kazan City Council, with gratitude Ya.F. Shamov and A.H. Shamova's name who appropriated to hospital were held. Their portraits are decided to be established in the assembly hall (audience) of future temple of health. Unfortunately, search of these portraits was futile presently...

From the very beginning of the design, construction and functioning the Shamovsky hospital was inseparably linked with medical faculty of the Kazan university. Professor of KGU Nikolay Aleksandrovich Gerken managing at the university department of surgical pathology and faculty surgery (1904-1926) was engaged in the organizational issues connected with permission of construction, the choice of the land plot. Professors and associate professors of a medfak of KGU were regular or supernumerary interns of hospital. Here constantly the staff of departments who created closely united group 740 worked

experts doctors and scientists. the 1st city hospital had reputation of the best hospital of Kazan, the Kazan province and Tatarstan. The group of surgeons — professors S.M. Alekseev, pupils prof. of V.I. Razumovsky V.L. Bogolyubov and future academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences A.V. Vyaselev, I.A. Salikhov used the All-Russian popularity. The therapists who had world merits — the hematologist professor Nikolay Konstantinovich Goryaev, the gastroenterologist and the pulmonologist professor Abubekir Batyr-Gireevich Teregulov and their pupils professors of R.Sh. Abdrakhmanov, I.L. Bilic, all the recognized erudite A.I. Brening, the great lecturer and the diagnostician K.A. Dryagin, the radiologist K.A. Mayanskaya, the endocrinologist V.V. Talantov, clinical pharmakoterapevt D.A. Valimukhametova, broad specialist D.E. Potekhin were not less authoritative also. Especially popular with patients and students were associate professors A.I. Golikov and V.N. Smirnov. Under the leadership of the prof. S.S. Zimnitsky the domestic school of nephrologists and functional diagnosticians became famous.

In days of the Great Patriotic War in hospital it was developed large evakogospital a wide profile, the Republican blood transfusion station organized by R.A. Vyaselev is open. In physiotherapeutic office the rehabilitation grant was successfully carried out, antitubercular beds (L.S. Appel) were developed. High level of the organization of medical work was established in a hospital nachmedy by M.N. Perelmutr.

In the last decades the XX centuries in Shamovsky hospital to which in 1969 the name of the outstanding scientist-clinical physician professional was appropriated. And. Mr. Teregulov, the younger generation of clinical physicians — the member correspondent of AN of RT prof. I.A. Salikhov, the doctor of medicine associate professor R.A. Abdulkhakov works. New offices of rheumatology, clinical toxicology, etc. are open

The nice way of group of doctors and scientific KGMI (KGMU) of the 1st city hospital erected at the expense of the patron Ya.F. Shamov is very in detail reflected in the reviewed monograph. The book obviously demands continuation because as it seems to us, the logic of the conducted large scientific research demands deeper reflection of a contribution of scientists and practicians to improvement of quality of medical work. It is possible to note excellent quality of the edition and its high informational content — the majority of the published documents for the first time became available to readers.

It is necessary to welcome issue of the monographic collection of documents,

Kazan medical magazine. 2008, volume 89, No. 5

written by competent group of authors — the staff of the Head archival department of RT and to hope that the present book will be & #34; the first ласточкой" medicine, so necessary for history, and new science of bioethics — a series of researches of historical deposits of health workers to development of cultural and health care of residents of Kazan, Tatarstan and the Volga region.

Prof. V.F. Bogoyavlensky (Kazan)


In August, 2008 100 years since the birth of Muhammad Abdulayevich Erzin — one of bright representatives of the Kazan medical school, the talented scientist and the teacher, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the chevalier of the order & #34 were executed; Sign почета" and medals of Purkinye, the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation and TACCP, the former vice rector for study and the head of the department of pathological physiology of the Kazan state medical institute. M.A. Erzin — the pupil and the colleague of outstanding pathophysiologists of academicians of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences N.N. Sirotinin and A.D. Ado. Under its scientific management and the advisory help 16 doctoral and more than 30 master's dissertations were defended. The light memory of it will always be in the hearts of his grateful pupils.

Article & #34; About implementation of the priority national project & #34; Здоровье" in Kemerovo области" it was carried out at department of medical ecology and a healthy lifestyle (the manager. — - dots. E.N. Lobykina) Novokuznetsk state institute of improvement of doctors and at department of psychology (the manager. — dots. O.A. Dobrynina) Novokuznetsk branch institute of the Kemerovo state university


Article & #34; The Forum of ethical committees of the Commonwealth countries of the independent states — the International organization on protection of health of participants biomedical исследований" (No. 4, 2008, page 384-386) it is written by Alexey (ne Alecsandrom) Stanislavovich Sozinov.

Dayna Suzan
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