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Nepomnyashchy Lev Moiseevich (to the 70 anniversary since birth)



NEPOMNYASHCHY LEV MOISEEVICH (to the 70 anniversary since birth)

On February 25, 2007 70 years since birth and 45 years of nauchnomeditsinsky and public work of the director of the Public institution Nauch-no-issledovatelsky Institut of Regional Pathology and Patomorfologiya of the Siberian Office of the Russian Academy of Medical Science and the head of the laboratory of the general pathological anatomy of the same institute, the chief pathologist of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation in Siberian Federal District of the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science and the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the full member of the Russian office of the International academy of pathology, professor, the winner of an award of the Russian Academy of Medical Science of N.I. Pirogov in Lev Moiseevich Nepomnyashchy' medicine were executed.

Lev Moiseevich was born in Romny of the Sumy region (Ukraine). It is possible to tell that its destiny as pathologist was defined right after the termination of high school when he began to work as the laboratory assistant at department of pathological anatomy of the Novosibirsk medical institute which was managed those years by the prof. V.M. Konstantinov - the pupil of the academician N.N. Anichkov. Having entered in 1957 the Novosibirsk medical institute, he on the 3rd course begins to be engaged in student scientific circle at department of pathological anatomy and in parallel works as the senior laboratory assistant in laboratory of a patomorfologiya of Institute of experimental biology and medicine WITH Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now - the Novosibirsk scientific research institute of pathology of blood circulation of the academician E.N. Meshalkin Roszdrava) which was directed by prof. Yu.G. Tsellarius. In this laboratory of L.M. Nepomnyashchy seized all by methods of pathological anatomy modern for those times and executed an original morfogistokhimichesky research on a heart muscle revaskulyarization. Having had such training and having ended in 1963 copper -

the tsinsky institute, L.M. Nepomnyashchy without hesitation chooses profession of the doctor-pathologist. After specialization in pathological anatomy he is appointed the manager of pathoanatomical office of the Novosibirsk city hospital No. 2 where he became the organizer of a prozektura and patomorfologichesky laboratory.

Being a practical pathologist, L.M. Nepomnyashchy did not stop being engaged in scientific work and in 1966 successfully defended the master's thesis on the subject "Histochemistry and Morphology of Sharp Ischemia of a Myocardium".

Since 1968 L.M. Nepomnyashchy works at department of pathological anatomy of the Novosibirsk medical institute as the assistant. In 1970 he will organize laboratory of pathological anatomy at Institute of clinical and experimental medicine of the Siberian branch USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. The hero of the anniversary was also an organizer at the same institute in 1981 of department of a patomorfologiya and a morphometry which became large pathoanatomical scientific division in the east of the country, the center of biopsiyny diagnostics in Siberia. The academician was approved as the scientific consultant of this department. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences D.S. Sarkisov. In 1992. Lev Moiseevich created scientific research institute of regional pathology and a patomorfologiya of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Medical Science in which under its management the main morphological researches on studying features of adaptation, ecology and pathology of the person and animals in regions of Siberia and the North are conducted.

Scientific research of L.M. Nepomnyashchy is devoted to ultrastructural and molecular and cellular mechanisms of development of sharp and chronic heart failure, synchronization of pathological processes and induction of regenerator reactions, studying structural bases of adaptation to extreme ecological factors. By it it is formulated and the concept of strategy of structural mechanisms in a morphogenesis of sharp and chronic pathological processes (alterativny and regenerator and plastic insufficiency) in modern ecological conditions is developed. The modern concept of reparative regeneration of a myocardium as the highly specialized and high-differentiated fabric system is presented. Special attention is paid to assessment of proliferative potential of population of cardiomyocytes. The most important independent types of intense damages of muscle cells of heart of metabolic and ischemic genesis are established. Approaches to completion of the died cardiomyocytes due to stimulation by means of cellular technologies of tkanespetsifichesky regeneration of a myocardium are investigated.

For the cycle of works including the monograph "Morphogenesis of the Major All-pathological Processes in Heart" (1991), Lev Moiseevich in 1994 is awarded the gold medal and the diploma of an award of the Russian Academy of Medical Science of N.I. Pirogov in medicine.


L.M. Nepomnyashchy pays much attention to a technique of scientific research in the field of morphology. For many years it successfully developed and introduced methods of a histochemistry, polarizing and electronic microscopy, radio autography, a morphometry and a stereologiya in practice; he is the author of 8 methodical recommendations approved by the Ministry of Health. Using modern methods of a research and big autopsiyny and experimental material, Lev Moiseevich executed and in 1986 protected at Institute of morphology of the person of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences the doctoral dissertation on a subject "A morphogenesis and ultrastructural bases of all-pathological processes in heart: A complex pathoanatomical and pilot study" in which generalized 20 years' scientific work. In 1987 it was approved in professor's rank in "pathological anatomy". In 1993. The decree of the President of Russia to it gave an honorary title of the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation.

L.M. Nepomnyashchy more than 500 scientific works are published; he is an author and the coauthor of six opening, 23 monographs, 3 study guides on pathological anatomy for teachers of medical schools. Under its edition more than 10 collections of scientific works and more than 20 monographs are published.

Important activity of professor of L.M. Nepomnyashchy - preparation of scientific shots. In Siberia he created school of sciences of morphologists and pathologists. Thanks to its vigorous scientific activity and big organizing abilities of 28 pupils of Lev Moiseevich defended doctoral dissertations, more than 60 - master's theses.

Combines intensive scientific and practical and pedagogical activity of L.M. Nepomnyashchy with big scientific and public work in Russia and abroad. He is the vice president of the Russian National Pirogovsky Committee, the vice president of the European academy of natural sciences, the member of the General meeting of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the member of Scientific council of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for morphology of the person, the vice-chairman of the problem commission "Morphology" of Interdepartmental scientific council on medical problems of Siberia, the Far East and Far North, the member of presidium Russian

societies of pathologists, member of presidium of the Novosibirsk scientific center "Noosphere Knowledge and Technologies" of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of editorial board of the magazines "Byulleten Experimentalnoy Biologii I Meditsiny", "Kletochnye technologii v biologii i meditsine", "Sibirsky nauchny vestnik" and member of editorial council of the Arkhiv Patologii and Biblioteka patologoanatoma magazines.

There are a lot of forces and energy Lev Moiseevich gives to work on establishment of the European awards (Nikolay Pirogov's awards and Rudolf Virkhov's medal), is the chairman of the European academic Commission (Germany) on rewarding with R. Virkhov's medal.

L.M. Nepomnyashchy - the chairman of dissertation council at GU of scientific research institute of regional pathology and a patomorfologiya FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science on protection of doctoral and master's theses in "pathological anatomy". Lev Moiseevich is awarded with the Certificate of honor of presidium of VAK Russian Federation "For big merits in work on certification scientific and research and educational personnel" (1995).

For merits in scientific activity of L.M. Nepomnyashchy it is awarded the order International sovereign to St. Stanislav III of degree, the European award of N.I. Pirogov "For outstanding achievements in medicine", by the Honour medal "For recognition of merits in science" (England), the American medal of honor "For scientific achievements at the State and International levels" (USA), the European medal of R. Virkhov "For special merits in fundamental medicine and pathology" (Germany).

Large domestic morphologists and pathologists - A.P. Avtsyn, Yu.I. Borodin, I.V. Davydovsky, V.P. Kaznacheev, V.M. Konstantinov, D.S. Sarkisov, A.I. Strukov, M.Ya. Subbotin, Yu.G. Tsellarius, A.M. Shabanov had special impact on L.M. Nepomnyashchy' formation as scientist. In a methodological basis of researches the hero of the anniversary carries on traditions of the teachers.

The GU groups of scientific research institute of regional pathology and a patomorfologiya FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science, presidium of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the editorial office of "The Siberian medical magazine" warmly congratulate Lev Moiseevich Nepomnyashchy on anniversary, wish it good health and further success in scientific activity.

Ellen Powell
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