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Historical essay of emergence and development of the Tomsk Institute of Technology

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Historical essay of emergence and development of the Tomsk Institute of Technology *

N.V. Gutovsky

On October 22, 1900 at ten o'clock mornings opening of studies at the Tomsk Institute of Technology took place. The teacher (subsequently professor) V.L. Nekrasov read the first in walls of Institute lecture (on analytical geometry).

This actual opening of studies was preceded by the four-year construction period; - solemn laying of Institute took place on July 19, 1896.

The formal moment of emergence of a question of the organization in Siberia of training of engineers is the letter of the former minister of SP. Delyanov of June 25, 1895 who suggested the trustee of the West Siberian Federal District Florinsky to discuss an issue of establishment at the Tomsk University of physical and mathematical faculty with the organization of special office for studying knowledge having the appendix & #34; to the equipment and industrial практике". Such need of preparation in Siberia of engineers was dictated to the ministry as the prospects of development of Siberia, in connection with the end of laying Siberian the railway, and imminent already public opinion of the Siberian intellectuals about need to create the Higher Technical School in Siberia as natural base for inspection of natural wealth of Siberia, studying its features and development of industrial life of this of the far and torn-off from the center outskirts.

On November 11, 1895 the materials received from Tomsk on this matter were considered in the special commission formed at M.I P. who took out the conclusion that for training of scientific and educated engineers and chemists technicians necessary for Siberia - the independent Institute of Technology with two offices has to be founded in Tomsk: construction and chemical and technical with the strengthened teaching electrical equipment and metallurgy, in a type of quickly amplifying value of factory and factory activity, the first for all industries, and importance of the second for development of mining in Siberia. The commission recognized as necessary to release on construction and the equipment of Institute of 1.700.000 rubles.

The question of opening of Institute of Technology in Tomsk underwent secondary discussion at the Ministry in the new commission of expanded structure which confirmed the decision of the first commission and, using plans of the Kharkiv Institute of Technology, determined the sum on construction of buildings (The Main building, Physical and Mechanical laboratory, Chemical laboratory, the Chemical workshop and accommodation blocks) in 1.262.609 rub, on the equipment of-351.000 rubles, on the project, estimating and traveling of 61.000 rubles, i.e. only 1.650.000 rub

The commission assumed to begin construction of Institute with spring of 1896 and to completely finish it in 1902 with that, however, classes at Institute on the 1st course could be opened since fall of 1900. This decision of the commission was approved in the final shape by relevant authorities on March 12, 1896 which date and should be considered T basis time about m with to about about Institute of Technology.

on June 22nd, 1896 the construction commission as a part of the trustee V.M. Florinsky, the Rector of the University I.I. Bogolyubov and the architect of the West Siberian Federal District F.F. Gut which immediately got to work and made laying of the Main building of Institute on July 19th, 1896 was approved.

Construction works in the summer of 1896 were limited to a protection of the place of future construction and preparation of construction materials.

* Anniversary collection of 1900-1925 (fragment)

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During the construction period of 1897 ditches were dug and the base on a facade of the Main building is put, and in 1898 was, only the laying of its socle is made. Works both in it, and in 97 g were delayed because of the absence of in detail developed plans, necessary construction materials, and, mainly, the person who would assume all cares and responsibility for construction of Institute, as forced the Ministry to attend to appointment of the director of Institute. The choice fell on professor of the Kharkiv Institute of Technology, Efim Lukjyanovich 3 at and highway e in and with which purpose in February, 1899 the question of Institute entered the third and final phase.

E.L. 3 at and highway e in, having considered industrial conditions and needs of Siberia, developed the new draft of the curriculum of Institute of Technology, having offered for it type of polytechnical school with four faculties: 1) Mechanical with sections factory, railway and electrotechnical. 2) Chemical with special development of metallurgy and with possible division of the seljskokhozyaystven-but-factory industry and metallurgical. 3) Construction and 4) Mountain.

The polytechnical type suburban ВТУЗ&а was and is the most rational and unique in the sense of solid ensuring teaching not only the main now, but also disciplines, minor for separate faculties.

Besides, E.L. Zubashev's project provided a number of improvements in the .del of setting of teaching and training of engineers and the Tomsk Institute of Technology was the first ВУЗ&ом where rehearsals were replaced with widely put practical training where except the degree project also theses where, at last, unlike other Institutes of Technology the protection, theses on a competition of the right of occupation of department was established were entered at all faculties.

E.L. Zubashev's project with considerable tensions passed through the State Council and received final approval on June 25, 1900.

During the construction period of 1899 walls of the Main building were removed and it was covered with an iron roof that allowed to finish construction in the summer of 1900 and on October 22 to open Institute for classes.

Gradually also other cases were under construction: Chemical it was finished in 1901, Physical in 1902, Mechanical workshops in 1905 and Engineering in 1907.

All the 25th summer life of Institute can be divided into 4 periods: the 1st period, from 1900 to 1907 is the period of construction of Institute and the gradual equipment of its educational and auxiliary institutions. the 1st period comes to an end 1900, year of the first release of engineers from mechanical and chemical faculties which was delayed a little owing to those violations of educational life which were brought in it by revolution of 1905: student's disorders, strikes, almost one and a half-annual termination of classes at Institute removed the first release of engineers since 1905 for the end of 1906.

the 1st the period proceeded in favorable conditions for existence of the sufficient material supplies allotted by the state for fundamental construction of 6 buildings of Institute: Main - lecture, Chemical, Physical, Mountain, Engineering and Mechanical with educational and indicative workshops, for - the equipment of educational and auxiliary institutions of Institute, laboratories and offices the objects received only from the abroad for creation of rich technical library of the Russian and foreign books and periodicals and also for laying of various other elements of development of future study of Institute, somehow: organization (creation) of scientific body, & #34; News of Instituta" organization of editions of lectures, textbooks and grants, formation of the museums, creation Ob-va of assistance to pupils and so forth

The construction cost of all buildings of the Tomsk Institute of Technology according to the report of construction committee in 1907 was expressed in the following figures;

1. Main building............ 688.665 river 55 to.
2. Chemical case.......... 691.292 river 93 to.
3. Physical............ 413.828 river 39 to.
4. Mountain............ 325.545 river 23 to.
5. Engineering............. 193.563 river 17 to.
6. Mechanical............ 189.335 river 28 to.
7. Gas works............. 33.329 river 41 to.
8. Sewerage and pavements........ 41.436 river 42 to.

Total... 2.576.996 rubles 38 to.

9. The equipment uchebno - auxiliary establishments.............431.819 of river 87 to.

ONLY....... 3.008.816 rubles 25 to.

the 2nd the period, from 1907 to 1914 is characterized by development and consolidation of bases of setting of the educational business which considerably outstripped work of other Institutes of Technology of Russia in the principles. During this period curricula of faculties, at first on a course system, then on subject were worked out, the firm beginnings of a technique of teaching, setting of graphic works, theses and degree projects are put.

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