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Vzhosek, Century. About historical thinking. (Wrzosek, W. About mysleniu historycznym. Bydgoszcz: Epigram, 2009. 144 s.)


Vzhosek, Century. About historical thinking. (Wrzosek, W. About mysleniu historycznym. - Bydgoszcz: Epigram, 2009. - 144 s.)

In the Polish publishing house Epigram the book by the member of editorial council of the Istoriya I Sovremennost magazine of the famous Polish theorist of history Wojciech Vzhosek, professor of Institute of history of the university of Adam Mickiewicz was published in Poznan. The book is devoted to historiography problems as the systematized evidence of fate of culture and also to problems of absorption of history in a culturological context. Be the focus of attention of the author - processes of thinking and historical imagination of the historian and historiographer, reflection in them of beliefs and value orientations of the researcher, ethics of scientific knowledge. It is specified that a task of the theorist of history is identification of the methodological and epistemological installations of the researcher allowing it to create the convincing historiographic description. The scientist emphasizes that except modern debatable ideas of concrete historical reality we know nothing else, being able to compare only mechanics of historical thinking and the certificate of a historical narrative. The author is interested the creative metaphors organizing historical thinking and in the historiographic description it is already almost impossible to do without some of them as they make the mental base of historiographic operations. V. Vzhosek emphasizes that his scientific interests lie in the plane

About mysleniu historytznym

History and present, No. 2, September 2009 209-210

culturological and epistemological the focused history methodology, and standards in the culture of an elite layer are accepted to a reference point. The researcher pays attention to illusiveness of belief in a possibility of uniform philosophical justification of the past and the present in practice of a historiography, the past is not given us directly in feeling. He specifies that professional interest in history assumes assimilation of the corresponding tools, but first of all - the rules of carrying out researches and rules of creation of a research narrative recognized by scientific community according to the operating tradition in line with which we give answers to current issues.

Analyzing triggers of research work, among the main motivations Wojciech Vzhosek calls need of establishment of the truth, and truth as indivisible part of culturological inspiration. In this regard it is noted, in particular, that the validity in the opinion of the veteran of war and the historian has different measurements. Among applied aspects of studying category of the truth its role in a social and political discourse for which the truth is not the purpose in itself is considered, but has the tool character connected with power of persuasion. It is emphasized that the historical truth is at the same time and the metaphorical truth.

V.G. Kulpin, Doctor of Philology, associate professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University

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