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Ordinary professor of department of obstetrics and gynecology of the Tomsk Imperial university Ivan Nikolaevich of a grammatikata and akushersko gynecologic society at the Imperial Tomsk university



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S.A. Not Krylov



Tomsk state university

Ivan Nikolaevich Grammatikati (18581917) undoubtedly, belongs to number of outstanding domestic scientists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Having passed the first-class school of professor of the MOSS K.F. Slavyansky, having defended the doctoral dissertation, I.N. Grammatikati received a position of ordinary professor of department of obstetrics and gynecology of the Imperial Tomsk university and put a lot of effort for the organization of the obstetric and gynecologic help not only in Tomsk, but also throughout Siberia [1]. The authority I.N. Grammatikati as doctor confirms the fact that, despite a difficult situation in the country, Ivan Nikolaevich Grammatikati's death caused a big resonance. Professor M.G. Kurlov published the detailed article "I.N. Grammatikati's Memories" which is full characterizing life of this famous scientist, doctor and public figure [2] in the Sibirskaya Zhizn newspaper.

Extensively and scientific heritage of professor Ivan Nikolaevich Grammatikati. It published an eye-86

the Leningrad Region 40 works in Russian and foreign languages which were known not only in Russia, but also abroad. It developed various questions in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Ivan Nikolaevich Grammatikati stood at the origins of creation of Obstetric and gynecologic society at the Imperial Tomsk university. He during all life sought to impart the accumulated knowledge to the younger generation. I.N. Grammatikati understood that in the conditions of Siberia, the remoteness from scientific centers of obstetrics and gynecology needs creation of society of obstetricians and gynecologists for discussion of the advanced achievements of science and representation of the scientific results. Originally obstetricians-gynecologists represented the works in the company of scientists and doctors at the Tomsk university, but requirements of time and desire to expand scientific subject on obstetrics and gynecology promoted creation of Obstetric and gynecologic society at the Imperial Tomsk university.

In 1905 at the initiative of professor I.N. Gram-matikati on the basis of medical section of Society of scientists and doctors the Obstetric and gynecologic society at the Imperial Tomsk university which permanent chairman Ivan Nikolaevich was until the end of the life was founded. Professor I.N. Grammatikati developed the "Charter of Obstetric and Gynecologic Society at the Imperial Tomsk University" project which was sent to the Ministry of national education for a statement. The charter was approved by the minister of national education lieutenant general V.G. Glazov on May 11, 1905

"Obstetric and gynecologic society", - it was said in § 1 of the charter, - aims to contribute to the scientific and practical development of obstetrics and gynecology in Siberia. In § 2 it was noted that Obstetric and gynecologic society consists at the Imperial Tomsk university. The following section of the charter defined the structure of society. Member doctors, persons interested the scientific works and participation in classes of Society entered it to promote achievements of obstetrics and gynecology in Siberia. The number of members was not limited. Members of society were divided into valid, honourable and correspondents (§ 5). In the charter it was emphasized that founders of society, the persons who signed the draft of the charter and contributed at a time not less than 100 rub in cash desk of Society were considered as permanent full members. In full members of society the doctors who are engaged in the professional activity in Russia and showed the willingness to participate in scientific works and classes of Society and also the persons having academic degrees and who are engaged in scientific development of the questions concerning medicine" [3] could be elected ". Professors of medical faculty of the Tomsk university

S.A. Not Krylov


Photo 1. Carrying out operation by professor I.N. Grammatikati

joined in full members without vote, according to the simple statement them about desire to be a part of Society. In addition, society elected in the honorary members doctors Russian and foreign, deserved popularity the scientific works in obstetrics and gynecology (§ 7). The order of election and correspondents was defined. "the Russian and foreign doctors who in writing showed willingness to participate in classes of Society bringing of the scientific research" [3] could be them. Management of society consisted of the chairman, the secretary, the cashier and the librarian who were elected from among the full and honorary members consisting in the Russian citizenship and living in Tomsk. They were chosen the closed vote from the environment of the full and honorary members, for a period of two years. Election them was carried out in annual social gathering. The separate section of the charter defined the rights and duties of his members. In the Charter also made a reservation that in case of closing of Society its property comes to advantage of obstetric and gynecologic clinic at the Tomsk university [3].

I.N. Grammatikati was not only the initiator of creation of society, its chairman, but also the active participant of all meetings. At meetings of society more than 20 reports were read to them. Ivan Nikolaevich Grammatikati offered to society the library and, besides, contributed 100 rub in cash desk of society, "intended in an award for the scientific composition provided within a year by someone from doctors or students of medicine on obstetrics and gynecology". So, for example, in 1910 the awards were conferred by this students of medical faculty of the Tomsk university for scientific compositions: D.G. Firfarov "Gedonal and his application" and Sokolov "Experience of gedonalny lulling to slip".

Creation of society promoted noticeable revival of scientific work at obstetric clinic [4].

The most topical issues of obstetrics and gynecology were discussed at meetings of society. So, treatment of inflammatory diseases of a uterus and its appendages was one of the problems facing gynecologists. Ivan Nikolaevich Grammatikati developed a way of treatment of these diseases by systematic intrauterine injections of podalumnolovy mix. This way found broad application in practice and the name "way of professor of Grammatika-ti" was appropriated to it. For it Ivan Nikolaevich was awarded the honourable diploma on the World gynecologic congress.

I.N. Grammatikati was engaged in expeditious cancer therapy of a uterus. In 1907 at a meeting of Obstetric and gynecologic society the operation of change of mochetochnik which, according to him, "will have a principal value at was offered them

Photo 3. The building of faculty clinics of the Imperial Tomsk university (are constructed in 1892)


extensive forms of cancer of uterus". In the subsequent years I.N. Grammatikati and P.I. Tikhov developed expanded operations of various forms of cancer, having started systematic change of mochetochnik in a rectum at the started cancer forms. Seeking to avoid excessive bleeding during operation, they began to delete a cancer-stricken uterus with bandaging of uterine and subceliac arteries. For years they would perform on the specified way 104 operations of extensive cancer of uterus. Results of operations were reported by professors I.N. Gram-matikati and P.I. Tikhov at the IV congress of the Russian obstetricians and gynecologists which took place in 1911 in St.-Petersburg and were highly appreciated by scientific community.

In addition, at a meeting of Obstetric and gynecologic society on November 21 191Z g of I.N. Gram-matikati together with professor P.I. Tikhov made the message "About expanded operating of the started uterus cancer forms" with presentation of the patient. In it I.N. Grammatikati and P.I. Tikhov acquainted members of Society with results of the operations [B].

Thus, the operation offered by professors I.N. Grammatikati and P.I. Tikhov allowed to operate cases of the started cancer forms. When treatment of cancer diseases by means of radiotheraphy was not still developed, Tikhov-Grammatikati's operation was in the only more or less reliable way to help hopelessly patients. Despite big percent of deaths (to % Z0), this operation in Ivan Nikolaevich Grammatikati and Platon Ivanovich Tikhov's skillful hands saved not one life if not considerably then for some time.

Besides, at meetings of society questions of development of the doctrine of Cesarean section, of a way of pharmaceutical treatment of an eklampsiya, of bladder stones at women, about ruptures of cysts of ovaries, about pregnancy pathology, about a radio anesthesia were brought up at chrevosecheniye, etc.

On March 9, 1910 at an anniversary meeting of Obstetric and gynecologic society on the occasion of the 2B-anniversary of scientific and teaching activity of professor and the chairman of society I.N. Grammatikati elected the Honorary member of society [4].

Thus, in the first years of the existence the Obstetric and gynecologic society united scientific forces of obstetricians-gynecologists and carried out the mission which is foreordained to it: contributed to the scientific and practical development of obstetrics and gynecology in Siberia.


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