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Winners of "Medal of a name of the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science V.I. Yoffe for 2003"

meditsinsky Immunology 2003, T. 5, No. 5-6, p 636 © 2003, SPb of RO RAAKI

Diary of the immunologist

WINNERS "MEDAL of the NAME of the ACADEMICIAN of the Russian Academy of Medical Science V.I. ЙОФФЕЗА2003п>

Life and Kirill Pavlovich Akademik's work

KAShKINA is closely connected with Leningrad where he was born, grew in "microbiological" family, in 1957 with honors graduated from the First Leningrad Medical Institute of the academician I. P. - Pavlova. After several years of intense study in a postgraduate study and training at Institute of

Pasteur in Paris in laboratory the prof. of P. Grabar Kirill Pavlovich returned to the hometown where since 1970 headed department of microbiology and a medical mycology of the Leningrad Institute of Improvement of Doctors of Kirov, and from 1975 to 1979 directed this institute as the rector.

In the next years, working in Moscow, K.P. Kashkin participated in creation of the country's first Institute of Immunology, headed research work in NIIEM laboratory of Gamalei. Since 1988 he heads department of immunology of CIUV where he was two years a rector.

In 1982 K.P. Kashkin was elected the member correspondent. The Russian Academy of Medical Science, and since 1986 is a full member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science in "Immunology" and conducts active scientific and organizational work in the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

The academician K.P. Kashkin is widely known as the expert in the field of immunology of mycoses. He developed the concept of polyfunctionality of immunogens. Its monograph "Immunological Reactivity of an Organism and Antibiotic Treatment" (1984) had deserved success with doctors of different specialties. On its bright in a form and deep lectures on contents several generations of professional immunologists of the country were brought up.

Kirill Pavlovich always hospitably responds to invitations of fellow countrymen, his participation in the scientific conferences "Days of Immunology in St. Petersburg" became traditional. He is known to much for the responsiveness, goodwill and adherence to principles.

Alexander Aleksandrovich YARILIN was born and grew up in country family in the Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky) Region. After the termination in 1966 of Gorky medical institute he came to a postgraduate study of scientific research institute of medical radiology in Obninsk where under the leadership of Kirill Pavlovich Kashkin prepared the master's thesis devoted to immunochemical studying antigens of a gistosovmestimost. Continuing work at the same institute, A.A. Yarilin executed a basic pilot study of damages of the immune system under the influence of ionizing radiation and dynamics of restoration of its functions. This work formed the basis of its doctoral dissertation defended in 1980 in the Academic Council of Institute of experimental medicine in Leningrad.

The huge role in AAYarshshn's formation as the scientist was played by his acquaintance, and later - close friendship with N.V. Timofeev-Resovsky, with people of his circle, pupils and colleagues. Great interest of A.A. Yarilin in literature, in history problems, in architecture and graphic art was supported by Nikolay Vladimirovich and, probably, not without his influence became the hobby adjoining on activity of the high-class professional.

In 1980 A.A. Yarilin passed into the Institute of immunology organized in Moscow and created in it laboratory of cellular immunology which he heads and now. Long-term researches of laboratory are devoted to fundamental and practical aspects of a problem of a differentiation of T-lymphocytes and their interactions with elements of a timichesky epithelium. Works of laboratory are widely known as among immunologists of Russia, and abroad.

The name of A.A. Yarilin received broad popularity thanks to his brilliant lectures and reports at numerous conferences, symposiums and schools on immunology and radiobiology. Especially it is necessary to tell about the textbook "Fundamentals of Immunology" created by A.A. Yarilin (Meditsina, 1999) which is the most serious and deep domestic management since work of L.A. Zilber who left under the same name in 1958.

Jonker Jeroen
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