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Professor E.T. Protasiewicz (1943-2004)

PROFESSOR E.T. Protasiewicz (1943-2004)

On November 2, 2004 the little having stepped for a retirement age forever professor of TPU, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the member of the International Academy of Creativity, the member of the International Academy of Sciences of ecology and health and safety, the member of the New York Academy of Sciences Evgeny Trofimovich Protasiewicz left us.

E.T Protasiewicz was born on August 11, 1943 in family serving in Tomsk. After the termination of high school he arrived on the first course of the Tomsk institute of radio electronics and the electronic equipment. In 1967 E.T. Protasiewicz went over with success a full course of training of this institute, received profession of the radio engineer. From three hundred graduates of that year it was the first in list. Received distribution in scientific research institute of nuclear physics at TPI. Here it developed and its character received training, skills of the scientist-researcher were created, the first progress came. Here he with own eyes saw a first line of science, learned joy of the first opening and caustic salt of defeats. In enviably short time the master's thesis was prepared and defended. One of the few elite Evgeny Trofimovich was honored to continue the researches beyond borders of our Homeland inaccessible for those times - in Czechoslovakia. & #34; Западный" the way of life left a noticeable mark on its follow-up activity, broadened its international relations, horizons, accustomed to lead up consistently and purposefully conceived to the end result.

After homecoming Evgeny Trofimovich continued work in scientific research institute of nuclear physics. In parallel with rough scientific activity by the decision of the management it was anxious with responsible public work which began to execute with not smaller eagerness. It is necessary to tell that nra-

it curled not all including to it personally. He remembered it in the autobiographical brochure subsequently: & #34; About science... and it is a little about себе". As a result Evgeny Trofimovich had to replace the direction of researches. The new place of its work became... Oncological center of Tomsk. There E.T. Protasiewicz took active part in creation of the USSR's first medicobiological complex for implementation of remote neutron therapy of malignant tumors.

The habit to finish conceived forced E.T Protasiewicz to return to Aima Mater bosom - TPI (TPU). In 1986 he was employed in newly opened laboratory of natural and technogenic electromagnetic systems as the senior research associate, then headed laboratory in SIBNITS of Ai at TPU. In parallel with execution of official duties Evgeny Trofimovich continued work and on the doctoral dissertation. In 1991 the protection by results of which it became clear that E.T Protasiewicz is a creator of the new scientific direction in physics of low-temperature plasma which can be formulated as physics of the plasmochemical processes of the gas category in damp air leading to formation of long-living plasma formations took place.

In the next years Evgeny Trofimovich happened to work at Institute of geology and oil and gas business at TPU, at department of ecology and health and safety of engineering economics department of TPU. It could not but affect the nature of its publications. In the list of its works works with the names not peculiar to a focus of interest classical scientific go - physics appeared. However, these works were not superficial level: experts from other scientific industries usually took it for the.

Hurried, hurried, knew that our world to young people will leave, wanted to be in time everything. Loved and collected brands. Many summer headed philatelic society of Tomsk. Vividly was interested in issues of art. Was considered as the expert and in this area. During lifetime of E.T. Protasiewicz his friend and the sculptor famous to all Tomsk and the world, the artist, the actor Leonti Usov modeled his bust. This masterpiece is stored nowadays in Protasiewicz's family. E.T. Protasiewicz's portrait sketch executed by Leonti Usov got on pages of the gift edition of the book dated for 400-year anniversary of the city and devoted to his best people.

Evgeny Trofimovich belonged to that type of professors about whom compose legends during lifetime. He liked to tell that when arrived on a conference to Japan, sincerely he endured that such darlings and friendly Japanese people for some reason do not speak Russian at all, not really understand its English and cannot din into the overseas guest in any way how to reach hotel. He met a language problem and when his French fellow suggested to send for a conference in Tunisia article. With considerable work Evgeny Trofimovich found for the expert on French in Tomsk, persuaded someone to type on letters the unusual text into the computer. At last sent the text of article to the Frenchman. The answer by e-mail came quickly. With sense of humour the Frenchman wrote, something he does not understand French, or article is written not in French. Nevertheless, materials were published. The French companion himself translated and issued as it is necessary this article.

E.T Protasiewicz was an author about 40 monographs, three of which are published in Cambridge (Great Britain), had many more than 200 publications in scientific, mainly in central, the seals and 19 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. Tradition of its last years was the fact that he published four monographs a year - on one in a quarter.

Intense work & #34; on износ" and other vicissitudes of life led to the fact that on September 10, 2004 by preparation of the next article Evgeny Trofimovich felt a sharp headache.

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Crew & #34; скорой" medical care took away it in Regional hospital. Intensive therapy and resuscitation actions allowed to support the dying-away life. However results of a computer tomography of a brain left no chance on a happy end. In the night of November 2 Evgeny Trofimovich's heart ceased to fight...

As Evgeny Trofimovich considered during lifetime, the most significant achievements it is necessary to carry to its that he theoretically predicted and experimentally found three new effects in physics of the gas category: effect of delay of speed of a recombination of plasma due to its cooling in damp air, effect of easing (removal)

current neutralization of a silnotochny electron beam at its distribution on the route containing water vapors, and effect of release of atomic hydrogen and a hydroxyl in the places subjected to radioactive pollution.

In recent years he was one of the leading teachers of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, gave to students lectures on ecology, acquainted listeners with the last achievements of science and technology, with results of own researches. E.T Protasiewicz generously shared the experience and knowledge with other teachers, pupils and followers. Any interlocutor, irrespective of education level, age, a difference in a social status was equally interesting to him. He was a popular writer of the last achievements of science and technology, gave lectures on the line of society & #34; Знание" published articles in popular scientific magazines

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Chemistry and life, the Equipment - youth.

In the field of ecology E.T. Protasiewicz - the specialist in monitoring of radioactive environmental pollution and also artificial calling of precipitation recognized in the scientific world. He regularly made at the International conferences reports in Austria, France, Germany, the USA, Japan, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Norway, the Czech Republic and Tunisia. Evgeny Trofimovich had joint publications with the staff of the Central institute of meteorology and geodynamics (Vienna, Austria) and Masarika university T (Brno, the Czech Republic), was a non-staff reviewer of a number of periodicals in Russia and beyond its limits. By results of the researches E.T Protasiewicz repeatedly performed with lectures before students and research associates of Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Norway.

In 2000 professor E.T. Protasiewicz was awarded with the Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for long-term scientific and pedagogical, educational and methodical work and a big contribution to business of training of specialists, and in 2001 - the Certificate of honor of Administration of Tomsk for fruitful activities for development of a scientific and educational complex of the city of Tomsk.

For success achieved in science, the Cambridge biographic Center included it in encyclopedias: & #34;2000 famous scientists of XX века" and & #34; The First five hundred inhabitants of Earth of XXI века" also awarded the silver medals & #34; The 20th Century Award for Achievement" and & #34; International Man of the Year 1997/1998, 1999/2000" and the American bibliographic institute (USA) - a gold medal & American Medal of Honor" - in 2002

It is possible to write the novels taking the breath away about his life, to shoot movies series. It is possible, but... there is nobody. Fought and looked for, fell and rose. Participated, consisted, was. all nowadays only in past tense. As it will lack all of us.

The domestic and world science acting through Evgeny Trofimovich Protasiewicz suffered an irreplaceable loss.

Melissa Jones
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