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"Oprichnost" in the Russian history and the present: universal strategiyavyzhivaniya



Painfully reflecting on a present condition of our people continuing to degrade it is moral both physically and for a long time the historical non-existence standing on a side, mentally we inevitably ask our great past one main issue: what allowed our ancestors to overcome the disastrous times similar present, and after that to become only even stronger? It is clear, that first of all they were strengthened by firmness of orthodox belief and fidelity to the terrestrial Fatherland and the state in what state it would not stay. But what to do to us now when nearly the vast majority of the people is indifferent to belief (often even without denying it it is formal, but without connecting with the real life in any way), and to the state is hostile nearly? Such cases in our history were not yet. It means that it is necessary to look for some other lessons of our historical experience to which paid attention a little earlier or they were misunderstood.

It seems that in the history of Russia there is one repeating situation ("archetype", being expressed by a modern slang), during different eras allowing the people to recover from the hardest crises, nearly from the death. It is undoubted that it makes the most important part of the Russian historical experience. It is here about what. For a long time it is noticed that the Russian history is catastrophic and faltering and repeatedly began kind of "anew". Why it did not break? Because these gaps were not only consequences of external aggression, but also acts of internal effort of the people - its abilities to tear with old, with old sins and habits, kind of "to be born anew" and to live in a new way. It seems, in the history we do not meet more people with the same degree of internal mobility, freshness of spirit and courage of decisions. Already birth of Russia shows to us a similar example. Having been tired of intestine wars, Slavs invited to themselves governors from outside, having thereby shown remarkable wisdom and original humility. And everywhere in Europe same "Varangians" (Normans) occupied to themselves lands by force. Our case is unique.


* And / from 11 m 2009, No. 1 (15)

What it means? It means that those to "slovena" Baltic which managed to come off the patrimonial conflicts, small interstine rage and a blindness and to think of the future, began to live kind of "anew", "опричь" the hardened and petty patrimonial environment: and quite so they founded Russia and began our history. And further we see the same. Newborn Russia is easy on rise and transfers the center to the South, to Kiev (and Svyatoslav wanted to transfer further away - to Danube). This new exit "опричь" "a circle of lands", habitual for Varangians, also created then Russia Great. And in the 12th century St. Andrey Bogolyubsky saw new people's movement - an outcome on the northeast of the overpopulated Kiev lands - and based there the new center of Russia which will save it in the future. The northeast therefore saved Russia after overseas riots from the East and the West that managed, as well as the first to "slovena", to become "опричь" the melkoknyazhesky contentions which ruined Kievan Rus'. St. Alexander Nevsky sent "опричь" arrogance of princes and submissively obeyed the Tatar help - and was spaced Russia from absorption by expansion of the West. And, at last, in the 16th century the tsar Ivan the Terrible, by miracle the survivor in seigniorial distempers of the youth, became "опричь" the new regionalism threatening with repetition of fate of Kievan Rus'. He took a desperate step which solved everything: or to lose the kingdom and to die, or to restore Russia strong and edinoderzhavny which will exist centuries. If he did not make it, then the Distemper would begin on half a century earlier and would bury the Russian state forever.

In the Distemper Minin and Pozharsky's national militia became "опричь" all internal contentions and did not move to Moscow until subordinated to himself all Russian forces. And in several decades in the south of Russia, to Zaporizhia, the people became "опричь" the state, lifted war for belief and liberties, and then united to uniform Russia Moscow. Still half a century later Peter the Great, as well as at the time Ivan IV, became "опричь" to the seigniorial power, began to build the army and the state at first kind of "in parallel" existing and only this way updated Russia.

We will not consider the latest, more tragic events, and it is so obvious that the Russian Distemper of the 20th century represented nothing but too attempt of different forces to become "опричь" the made accident and to begin to live on the truth, "anew". Also that force whose "опричь" was the most radical and absolute, at first denying even the bases of the Russian culture and statehood won in the 20th century. And here same "model" which worked already one thousand years worked.

And what we have now? After falling of the godless power Russia dies out physically and collapses as uniform national orga-

nizm. It vividly is cut with new frontiers, is overflowed with foreigners and stupefied by ideology of bestial existence in the Americanized "consumer society". The youth degenerates is moral from emptiness of life and perishes physically from alcohol and drugs. Even the current recovery and strengthening of the Russian statehood is only external "armor" under which process of "rotting" of the people continues. However, we will notice, emergence of this "armor" - the fact that Russia did not break up and is not finally plundered in the 1990th, - there is really a sign of Providence. The Lord shows these what gives us time and chance for revival. But how to use him, looking at all events?

Experience of history prompts: to become "опричь". Actually Russia Orthodox and so lives "опричь" modern society - with considerably other values and understanding of life. But time when the church can become the only shelter of many millions came - it is moral, and by no means it is not only material, the deprived who otherwise just degrades and will die. Nowadays time of basic self-organization of the orthodox people came. And the first signs of it already are. For example, only Orthodox Christians come back to the become empty villages, and exactly there a people root. But also in the cities a huge number of restless people, especially jobless youth accumulated. All these people can come to church through different types of activity, first of all, economic. For example, if in small and medium business in various spheres of economy there is a considerable sector of orthodox businessmen and workers, he will be able to incorporate, save from degradation and gradually votserkovlyat the big mass of people. On this basis there can be also a wide network of orthodox secular educational institutions and orthodox media over time. At last, if on the same soil the traditional large family revives, then the root of the people will remain and will be restored. Living "op-rich" pseudo-values of the modern becoming extinct "consumer society", Orthodox Christians therefore are the most reliable support of the State Russian that is seen in it not just "tax collector", and a body of the terrestrial Fatherland. Therefore also the state once will become the Orthodox Christian again.

Carson Mark
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