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Boranova N. Azov and Priazovye between two world wars (1917 - 1940). Azov, 2005. 512 pages.

a boranova N. Azov and Priazovye between two world wars (1917 - 1940). Azov, 2005. 512 pages

The publication belongs to a feather of the senior research associate, one of the leading employees of the Azov historical and archaeological and paleontologic memorial estate and is devoted to study almost not opened earlier in local history literature of history of Azov and Priazovye during 1917 - 1940. The subject elected by G.N. Boranova for a research, undoubtedly represents both scientific historical, and local history interest.

The structure of work is proved and thought well over. In the book of 15 chapters devoted to the major events and processes in the history of Azov and Priazovye. In them events of the February and October revolutions, civil war, the anti-Bolshevist movement in Priazovye in the early twenties, hunger of 1921 - 1922, collectivization, administrative-territorial changes, development of agriculture of the industry of Azov and the area in the 1930th, achievements in the sociocultural sphere are considered by.

For the purpose of comprehensive and unbiased interpretation of problems of Boranov quite widely used istochnikovy and historiographic material. Considerable interest submit documents of GARO and UDNIRO funds and especially Azov memorial estate, the majority of which is for the first time introduced for scientific use.

Most in details in the book events of revolution of 1917 and the civil war in Azov and Priazovye are considered. The author in detail opens the course of intense political confrontation and fierce armed struggle in the city and the area, shows participation in it of a general population, representatives of various political and public organizations, gives an objective assessment of participation of representatives of warring parties in it. But more considerable display of actions of bodies and representatives of the Soviet part is caused by a condition of the previous historiography and the maintenance of documentary funds of memorial estate. Still almost not studied were aspects of economic economic activity of municipal authorities and management in the heaviest years of revolution and civil war.

The heads opening economic and social situation in Azov and Priazovye in the early twenties differ in the width of the given concrete historical material and thoroughness of statement. It allowed

To express to G.N. Boranova the view of difficult social and economic processes of that time in Priazovye.

It is reflected in work and holding collectivization which was followed by hunger of 1932 - 1933 the course of grain-collections which is very strained at this time in the area is shown. However these questions deserve, in our opinion, much bigger attention, thoroughness of consideration and the analysis.

A good impression is made by the final chapters of work devoted to very large-scale development of the industry of Azov and agriculture of the Azov district in the 1930th. They differ in the big factual saturation and comprehensiveness of consideration of the raised questions. Also the maintenance of the final chapter opening the course, contradictions and results of processes of social and cultural development of the city and the area in 1920 - is of the 1930th undoubted interest

Various socio-political, economic, administrative aspects of the questions studied in work, historical curriculum vitae confirm the documentary sources united at the end of the book in applications.

As remarks and recommendations it should be noted that very considerable on volume, versatile and, undoubtedly, concrete historical material, interesting on the contents, allows to expand considerably author's generalizations in the text and to especially strengthen conclusions according to paragraphs and heads. Completion of execution of explanatory notes, especially the list of sources and literature is necessary (allocation in it appropriate sections, classification of sources, group of scientific, reference and other books, periodicals materials). It is also possible to recommend to the author to open justification of a chronological and geographical framework of work according to the announced subject (at strict approach the chronological period between two world wars includes the period from November, 1918 to September, 1939, and for the Soviet Russia actually from March, 1918 to June, 1941). The informative 8th chapter in itself devoted to the known "Ukhtomsky's business" and the anti-Soviet insurgent movement of the beginning of the 1920th goes beyond a geographical framework of work (events in Rostov-on-Don, St. Egor-lyksky).

At the same time noted defects do not belittle advantages of the book of G.N. Boranova, its pithiness, width and thoroughness done by the author of local history research. The publication contributes significantly to study and judgment of difficult and ambiguous events of Azov and Priazo-

the Viy of the period of 1917-1940, will attract undoubted interest both of specialists historians, and of local historians, students, school students, public members, all who are interested in the history of Russia in general and our region in particular.

V.P. Trut

Jacob Alban
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