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Professor Bakhram Gazizovich Sadykov


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On March 10, 2002 suddenly the honored worker of science of RT, the honored doctor of RT, the winner of the State award of the Republic of Tatarstan, the doctor of medical sciences, professor Bakhram Gazizovich Sadykov died.

B.G. Sadykov was born on October 3, 1930 in family of the employee. Having graduated from treatment-and-prophylactic faculty of the Kazan state medical institute Bakhram Gazizovich in 1955 worked as the doctor the obstetrician-gynecologist in Republican hospital. Here under the leadership of the prof. P.V. Manenkov the first scientific interests of the young doctor, drafts of solutions of a current problem - definition a Rhesus factor - and group accessory of the population of the Republic of Tatarstan began to be formed. From 1959 to 1962 Bakhram Gazizovich studied in a postgraduate study at department of obstetrics and gynecology No. 1 of the Kazan state medical institute upon termination of which from 1962 to 1973 he was an assistant, then till 1976 the associate professor, and since 1984 - professor of this department. "Diagnostics and treatment a Rhesus factor - and AVO-incompatibility of blood of mother and a fruit and a hemolytic disease of newborns" (1965), and doctor's - "Rhesus factor-conflict pregnancy and a hemolytic disease of newborns in the light of complex immunobiochemical researches" (1974) was a subject of its master's thesis. In 1984 it was elected by the head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology No. 2 and was in this position till 1995

As at the beginning of the activity, and in recent years the life B.G. Sadykov paid much attention to quality of educational process in general and to a lecture course in particular. Under its direct management and with its personal participation the new base of department — maternity hospital No. 1 of Kazan which became clinical establishment was mastered. The clinical physician B.G. Sadykov was distinguished by objectivity, diagnostic fidelity and the choice of a rational method of treatment. The Center for immunoconflict pregnancy organized in 1965 and headed by it is actually interrepublican, uses shiro-

which popularity in the country, and B.G. Sadykov for 35 years was a non-staff expert of M3 of RT. Were carried out by him medical and advisory, educational and pedagogical and public work. For the last 15 years he headed scientific organization of obstetricians-gynecologists of Kazan, was a board member of the Russian association of obstetricians-gynecologists, scientific council of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, International association on immunology of a reproduction of the USA and Russia.

One of the leading scientists of the country, the prof. B.G. Sadykov devoted the life to studying a problem of immunoconflict pregnancy and a neurosensitization at the complicated pregnancy. The work which is carried out by him allowed to develop maintaining tactics a Rhesus factor - conflict pregnancy. For the first time B.G. Sadykov in Kazan made vascular, and then and funic zamenny blood transfusions with introduction in practice of special catheters. For the first time in the world the haemo microcirculation of isosensibilized pregnant women and their newborns in a conjunctiva of an external corner of an eyeball which allowed to establish its dependence on degree of a sensitization and weight of a hemolytic disease was investigated.

Further researches showed simultaneous emergence of a neuroisosensitization at the pregnancy complicated a Rhesus factor conflict, a gestosis, heart diseases, a prolapse of the mitralny valve, diabetes, a miscarriage of the pregnancy leading to damage of the central nervous system and to the subsequent invalidization of children. Results of the conducted researches were estimated on the III International symposium on immunology of a reproduction (Varna) as the new, eleventh direction of search of association. 3a this section of scientific researches in 1998 to the prof. B.G. Sadykov the rank of the winner of the State award of the Republic of Tatarstan in science and technology was given.

The following part of scientific search of the prof. B.G. Sa-dykov was devoted to studying contraception and questions of planning of family. Results of these researches were widely introduced in work of all obstetrical institutions of the republic, in educational process of departments of obstetrics and gynecology of KGMU and KGMA.

Under the leadership of the prof. B.G. Sadykov 20 dissertations are executed and defended (from them 4 doctor's), 2 more doctoral dissertations are prepared for protection. He is an author more than 300 scientific works, 123 of which are published in the central press, and 41 - abroad. Bakhram Gazizovich participated in writing of the management for doctors and students (M., 1997), was the author of 4 monographs, 2 collections of works, 2 manuals, 4 manuals, etc.

Its work gained worthy recognition: it is a doctor of higher category, "The excellent student of health care of the USSR", the honored doctor of RT, the honored worker of science of RT, the nominee of the award "Crystal Pyramid" RT of 1997, the winner of a grant of the President of Russia, the veteran of work.

The light image of Bakhram Gazizovich Sadykov - the scientist, the teacher, the public figure - forever will remain in memory of his colleagues, pupils, friends and relatives.

Staff of department No. 2 KGMU

Nicholas Griffin
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