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To the rector of TPU professor P.S. Chubik of 55 years

nash heroes of the anniversary


On April 6, 2009 75 years since birth and 50 years of scientific, pedagogical and research and production activity to the geologist, the scientist with a world name, to professor, the doctor of geological mineralogical sciences, Honorary professor of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, the Honored worker of sciences of the Russian Federation, the Honored geologist of the Russian Federation and the Honourable intelligence agent of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Winner of an award of a name of the academician S.S. Smirnov of RAS and the Award of the Tomsk region in the field of science and education, to the scholar of the Russian President and the governor of the Tomsk region, the full member of the International academy of Sciences of the higher school and International academy of mineral resources, the full member of the New York academy of Sciences Alexander Feopenovich Korobeynikov were executed.

Alexander Feopenovich in the village Ta-skino of Chainsky district of the Tomsk region in family of employees was born: mother is a teacher, the father is a party worker. But the destiny did not indulge him: in 6 years he was left without parents and was trained by the grandma, a severe kerzhachka. During the war it was necessary is-

to torture both hunger, and cold. All this influenced formation of its character and development of such lines as independence, insistence, first of all to and companions, colleagues, contempt for bootlickers and timeservers.

At school Sasha studied well, not bad drew and after the tenth class dreamed to come to Stroganov Art School. Also would be probably a great artist with the individual handwriting. But the destiny disposed on the. And instead of Stroganov Art School Alexander in 1949 after the termination of 10 classes came to the Tomsk mountain technical school of the Ministry of the coal industry of the USSR which in 1953 with honors graduated majoring in "Investigation of coal fields". Having worked year the technical lead of Management of pits of the Tomsk regional executive committee and, understanding insufficiency of geological knowledge, he in 1954 entered the Tomsk polytechnical institute on specialty "Geology and Investigation of Mineral Deposits". It was attracted by thirst of knowledge, the romantic of geological opening.

Five student's years passed quickly. Lectures, seminars, laboratory researches, offsets, examinations, sports activities (had the 2nd grade in boxing). His art soul connected by bonds with geology constantly reached for art. He does not miss any symphony concert, a theatrical premiere, the new movie, attends art exhibitions, collects books about artists and their albums. At it the fine library about the Russian and foreign artists is brought together now.

In student's years Alexander Feopenovich is fond of mineralogy and geochemistry, and it affected all his further scientific activity. Yu.A. Kuznetsov, F.N. Shakhov, L.L. Halfin, etc. had a great influence on formation and its formation as geologist, scientist and teacher his teacher professor A.M. Kuzmin. He was one of their best pupils. Under the influence of teachers Alexander Feopenovich developed in himself such qualities of the scientist-researcher as working capacity, commitment, scrupulousness, a nonconventional view of the well-known phenomena and processes in geology.

After the termination in 1959 of institute Alexander Feopenovich worked two years as the geologist, the chief of search and auditing party of the Western complex prospecting expedition of the Krasnoyarsk geological management of the Ministry of geology of the USSR, dealing with a problem of forecasting of gold mineralization in regions of Siberia. Knowledge and skills received at institute helped it with interpretation of the checked sites, abnormal on gold, and ore ph.

According to the petition of professor A.M. Kuzmin A.F. Korobeynikov in October, 1960 was transferred by the assistant to department of mineralogy and a crystallography of TPI where gave lectures and conducted a practical training at the courses "Crystallography", "Mineralogy", "Geochemistry". Under the leadership of A.M. Kuzmin it conducts big research work, dealing with problems of forecasting of gold mineralization in regions of Siberia. In 1966 ahead of schedule finishes a postgraduate study and successfully defends the master's thesis on the subject "Game — Clock and Metasomatic and Hydrothermal Formation of the Gold Communard Field" where the huge actual material collected during summer field works and by postgraduate preparation was generalized. Results of researches are introduced in ON Krasnoyarskgeologiya.

After defense of a thesis Alexander Feope-novich passes on a competition to department of geology and investigation of mineral deposits by the senior teacher (1967), and then the associate professor (1968). And in 1976 it was elected the head of the department where worked in this position from 1976 to 2003. Since 1968 on a voluntary basis heads laboratory of geology of gold at GRF, and then becomes her research supervisor. And in

1990 will organize geological analytical center "Zoloto-platina" on the basis of a number of departments and GRF and HTF TPI laboratories, becoming his research supervisor.

During this time Alexander Feopenovich with the colleagues and colleagues passed routes underground and on a surface Altai and Sayan Mountains, Cisural area and Northern Urals, Yakutia and Tuva, Transbaikalia and Polar region, Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

The doctoral dissertation defended in 1983 on the subject "Geochemical Conditions of Formation of Gold Fields of the Altai-Sayansk Folded Region" became a result of these "wanderings" - researches. It is large theoretical work it was directed to the solution of important economic problems of gold mining of Siberia and was scientific base for forecasting and development of gold fields in other regions of the country.

Throughout all the research activity by A.F. Korobeynikov theoretical bases of endogenous ore formation, geochemistry of precious metals, new methods of forecasting, search and assessment gold are developed and nonconventional gold pay - noidno-redkometallnogo mineralization of industrial type in various structures of earth crust of continents and oceans. The school of sciences created by it in Tomsk successfully carries out the important theoretical and applied scientific research directed to development of problems of blagorodnome-tallny ore formation and to strengthening of a source of raw materials of the mining enterprises of Russia and a camp of the CIS and also to training of highly qualified specialists (mining geological engineers, masters of geology, candidates and doctors of science) for the production, scientific and educational organizations of the country.

Nonconventional complex ores of gold and platinum metals in many gold fields of Siberia and Kazakhstan are predicted and open for them - in Sukholozhsky, Nezhdaninsky, Olimpia-dinsky, Saralinsky, Kommunarovsky, Balakh-chinsky, Zun-Holbinsky, Olkhovsko-Chibizhek-skom, Sinyukhinsk, Vorontsovsk, Boko - Wa - silyevskom, Bakyrchiksk, Kostobe-Espinsk and other gold-bearing regions of Russia. Researches determined the main consistent patterns of education and placement of gold deposits and platinum, in connection with processes of a riftogenez, pas-leodiapirizma, mantiyno-korovy magmatism and the accompanying metasomatism according to geodynamic development of earth crust. It is established the regional and local structural, mineralogical, geochemical zonalities of placement of various type of mineralization caused by depth of formation of paleodiapir, magmatit and metasomatit in deep splits of earth crust and manifestation plyumtektonik. For various types of fields it is revealed one -

tipny ore and metasomatic vertical zonality of placement of different types of metasomati-t and ores in magmo - ore and metasomatic columns 15...3 km long down. In these columns the wavy placement of a rich productive mineralization (ore columns) in the vertical ranges of 240...400, 400...600 and 800...1200 m is established

Big achievements are at Alexander Feope-novich when studying geochemistry of gold in magmatic and metasomatic processes of earth crust and a cloak. Redistribution and carrying out of metal up to 50% at intra mantle metasomatism of substance and fractionation of gold in magmatic and metasomatic processes of earth crust with emergence of deep and korovy ore-forming fluid systems is established. Quantitative indices of accumulation and dispersion of precious metals in products of hydrotermal-but-metasomatic processes are received and the step sequence of formation of industrial mineralization in large structures of earth crust is proved.

A.F. Korobeynikov offered and proved the idea of formation of large and huge complex nonconventional gold deposits, platinum and rare metals in zones of a metasomatoz of chernoslantsevy formations on the areas of manifestation plyumtektonik, a riftogenez and a paleodia-pirizm. On the basis of the developed mantiyno-to-rovykh and geological and geochemical models of formation of such endogenous fields, new criteria and signs of localization of industrial mineralization and also methods of regional and local forecasting and search of the hidden complex mineralization within the known and new ore-bearing regions of the country are offered. Development of all these scientific directions is conducted on the basis of the offered new classification gold platinoidno-redkometallnykh the fields united in ten formational groups among orogenno-riftogenny structures of continents and oceans. The offered systematization of nonconventional complex blagorodnometal-lny and redkometallny ore objects can be used when developing geological and genetic, formational, geological and industrial types of fields during the expected and search and estimated works in uneven-age ore-bearing regions. Realization in practice of scientific developments of staff of Geological analytical center "Zoloto-platina" TPU will help to strengthen further mineral resources of the blagorodnome-tallny industry of Russia new nonconventional sources of mineral raw materials.

In 1960-2009 the research team under the leadership of A.F. Korobeynikov developed and presented to GKN VS RSFSR, the Russian Academy of Sciences, to MinGeo of RSFSR, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation

many scientific and technical programs and results of their performance for problems of a zolotonosnost and pla-tinonosnost of Siberia and other regions. Scientific developments for the XII five-years period were recognized by Head Council of Minvuz of RSFSR some of the first in geology ore fields. For development of the theory of ore formation and regularities of placement, complex gold platinoidnykh fields to Alexander Feopenovich in 1998 the Award of a name of the academician S.S. Smirnov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in 2001 the Award of the Tomsk region for high achievements in sphere of formation and science was awarded.

Scientific research on blagorodnometal-lny and redkometallny subject in the Zoloto-platina center under the leadership of A.F. Korobeynikov was carried out and carried out according to offers of the production organizations of Siberia, Kazakhstan, the Urals or on grants of the Russian Federal Property Fund, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and also on the basis of economic contractual works and contracts with ON Eniseyzoloto, "Zapsibzolo", Kazzoloto, with PGO "Krasnoyarskgeologiya", "Zapsibgeologiya", "Yuzhgeologiya", Head department of diamonds and gold at Council of ministers of the USSR, with Committees of natural resources on the Tomsk region, Altai and Krasnoyarsk edges.

A.F. Korobeynikov created in Tomsk the large school of sciences on geology and geochemistry of precious and rare metals which is successfully carrying out the large theoretical and applied researches directed to development of problems of ore formation and to strengthening of a source of raw materials of the mining enterprises of Russia and also to training of highly qualified specialists for the educational and scientific and production organizations of the country. The staff of school was repeatedly supported by grants of the Russian President and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The department run by it in 28 years provided release of mining geological engineers and masters of geology in number of 1584 persons of a resident and correspondence course. A.F. Korobeynikov prepared 10 doctors and 29 candidates of science. He is an author and the coauthor more than 470 published works in the domestic and foreign (more than 100) press, 13 monographs and brochures, 2 patents, 1 textbook and 11 manuals. The research works which are carried out by students under the leadership of A.F. Korobeynikov were noted by diplomas, diplomas, cash bonuses at the International and regional conferences, symposiums of young scientists. So, in 1976 the student of specialty V. Hee-trov, and in 1999 the student A. Falk were awarded the Gold medals of Academy of Sciences for achievements in scientific research.

A.F. Korobeynikov since 1982 is a member of UMO Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, since 1998 - the head of NMS of geological specialties Sibir-

sky educational and methodical center of higher educational institutions; Specialized council for protection of doctoral dissertations at TPU heads many years; he is the deputy chief editor of the "Izvestiya Tomskogo Politekhnicheskogo Universiteta" magazine, the member of NMS of the Platinum of Russia Program of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation, the member of the International association on genesis of ore fields (IAGOD), the member of scientific council of the All-Russian Mineralogical society RAS.

Labor and scientific activity of Alexander Feopenovich is noted by many awards and ranks. He is awarded the medal "Veteran of Work", the medals "Drummer of the 9th Five-years Period" and "300 years to mining-and-geological service of Russia", Zo-

a loty medal and the Diploma "For merits before the Tomsk Polytechnic University" and the Memorable silver sign of V.A. Obruchev, the Certificate of honor MANG VSH; to it the high ranks of the Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation and the Honored geologist of the Russian Federation and the Honourable intelligence agent of the Republic of Kazakhstan are given, he is a winner of an award of RAS of the academician S.S. Smirnov, the Winner of an award of the Tomsk region in the field of science and education.

According to estimates of the Cambridge and American biographic centers, A.F. Korobeynikov was among 2000 intellectuals of the 20th century; in 2009 it is included in the encyclopedia "The Best People of Russia" and in the encyclopedia "Who is Who in Russia" of the International Swiss publishing house.


In May, 2009 60 years since the birth of Natalia Gennadyevna Kvesko, professor of department of well-drilling of Institute of geology and oil and gas business of the Tomsk Polytechnic University were executed. N.G. Kvesko in Novosibirsk in family of employees was born. The father is Gennady Yakovlevich Kleshnin (1922-2001) was the scientist-agronomist, the candidate of agricultural sciences. Was engaged in selection of a wild strawberry. Mother is Olga Aleksandrovna Andreychenko (1923) the agronomist-vegetable grower graduated from agricultural institute majoring in. Worked at the Novosibirsk agricultural institute till 1988. The veteran of work, now on pension, lives in Tomsk.

N.G. Kvesko's

graduated from high polytechnical school No. 2 of Berdsk of the Novosibirsk region with a silver medal. In 1966 N.G. Kvesko entered the Tomsk state university on physics and technology faculty after which termination in 1972 she was accepted to a position of the junior researcher of scientific research institute of applied mathematics and mechanics at TGU. The first scientific addictions of N.G. Kvesko were created under the influence of the department chair of applied aeromechanics of FTF TGU of professor, the Dr.Sci.Tech. of V.A. Schwab, the associate professor, PhD in Technological Sciences V.A. Smolovika.

In 1987 N.G. Kvesko came to the correspondence postgraduate study to professor of TPU, the head of the department of technology of silicates V.I. Vereshchagin. It completed postgraduate studies ahead of schedule, having defended in 1989 the master's thesis on a subject: "Perfection - a sedimentation method vaniye from a layer in relation to determination of particle size distribution of unequigranular materials".

As specialists in a granulometriya in the Soviet Union and abroad there was very little,

N.G. Kvesko was familiar practically with all Russian and with the leading foreign scientists. Contacts with representatives of foreign firms were especially useful. For advertizing they did for it analyses of powders then Natalia Gennadyevna comprehended the obtained information and drew the corresponding conclusions on operation of the analytical equipment of the most advanced firms of that time. In 2002, after the end of doctoral studies, in dissertation council D 212.269.08 at the Tomsk Polytechnic University in a 05.17.08 - "Processes and devices of chemical technology" N.G. Kvesko defended the doctoral dissertation "Regularities of process of layered sedimentation of particles in the liquid environment in relation to a practical granulometriya".

Results of work are introduced in production at a number of the industrial enterprises of Russia and Belarus: in special designing and technological bureau "Katalizator" (Novosibirsk, 1993), at Stavropolpo-limer production association (Budyonnovsk, 1993), in JSC Orgsintez (Kazan, 1993), at cosmetic factory "Rassvet" (Moscow, 1993), in ON Polimir (Novopolotsk, 1994), in the Novosibirsk State Design and Research Institute VNIPIET (Novosibirsk, 1995), at the plant of chemical concentrates (Novosibirsk, 1995), on Siberian Chemical Plant (Seversk, 1997), at the Siberian fizikotekhnichesky institute (Tomsk, 1997).

In 2002 N.G. Kvesko was transferred to Institute of geology and oil and gas business of TPU. Worked at first as the associate professor, and since 2003 - professors of department of well-drilling. For this period four working programs educational dis-were written

tsiplin, three manuals, and one of them in English. N.G. Kvesko is a member of dissertation council D 212.269.08 on protection of doctoral and master's theses, the chairman of the methodical commission of IGND, the head of a methodical seminar of department and the curator of educational group.

The area of scientific interests of N.G. Kvesko includes questions of the analysis of particle size distribution and a research of properties of nanopowders and disperse powder materials; issues of education and destruction of agglomerates by production and use of nanopowders; development and improvement of devices and methods of the granulometric analysis; methods of analytical approximation of curves of distribution density of particles by the sizes; questions of assessment of accuracy of methods and devices of determination of particle size distribution of disperse environments; physics of the superficial phenomena in interaction of several phases; influence of particle size distribution of dry components of drilling and grouting muds on quality of process of drilling, the latest developments in the field of nanotechnology by production of modern construction ceramic materials and medicines.

The list of scientific works includes more than 80 names, from them 3 inventions.

The developed device for the analysis of particle size distribution of the fine powders "Sedimentometr VS-3" is introduced in production, was repeatedly exhibited at exhibitions of various rank and awarded with diplomas. Within the state program "Open education" "Sedimentometr VS-3" was used for carrying out a remote experiment what the special interface and the software is developed for. The student diploma student E.V. Alekseev who protected in 2006 under the leadership of N.G. Kvesko the master's thesis took part in development of this program.

Since childhood at N.G. Kvesko musical addictions were created. In music school

N.G. Kvesko wrote down at insistance of the school singing teacher. During study at the university sang in party of the first sopranos of the Academic choral chapel of the Tomsk university where it was invited by the head of a chapel V.V. Sotniko-vy after listening of performances of student's amateur performances.

In the late eighties - the beginning of the 90th of the last century N.G. Kvesko played on a keyboard psaltery in amateur orchestra of national tools under the leadership of V.V. Marukhlenko. From 1995 to 2003 was a participant of vocal Enthusiast ensemble (Managements of culture of the mayor's office of Tomsk) under the leadership of the honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation L.S. Rayetskaya. In 2003 N.G. Kvesko came to opera studio of MKC TPU. Here besides execution of works of different genres (the Russian folk songs, songs by the Soviet composers, romances, arias from operas and operettas, author's songs by the Tomsk composers and poets) one more talent of N.G. Kvesko was shown: she scripts performances for studio, prepares the presentations.

Natalia Gennadyevna has a great family. The husband Bronislav Bronislavovich Kvesko, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, manages department of development of oil and gas fields of IGND TPU. The son Ruslan with honors graduated from department of applied aeromechanics of physics and technology faculty of the Tomsk State University. Now he is engaged in business activity. Has two sons. The senior Andrey is 17 years old, to younger Igor - 11. The daughter N.G. Kvesko Oles the pediatrics graduated from the Siberian state medical university majoring in. Now deals with cosmetology issues. Her oldest daughter Marianna is 9 years old, to the son Oleg - 5. The granddaughter is engaged on a class of a vocal and a piano at music school at music college of E. Denisov.

The staff of Institute of geology and oil and gas business of TPU congratulates professor Natalia Gennadyevna Kvesko on anniversary and wishes it great creative achievements, health and happiness.


In July, 2009 to the rector of TPU, professor of department of well-drilling of Institute of geology and oil and gas business Pyotr Savelyevich Chubik 55 years were executed. P.S. Chubik was born on July 7, 1954 in the settlement of Nikolsk of Taseevsky district of Krasnoyarsk Krai. After the termination in 1971 of high school in. Aspen forests of the Kemerovo region came to study to the Tomsk polytechnical institute. After the termination in 1976 of prospecting faculty of the Tomsk polytechnical institute received qualification of the mining engineer in "Technology and technology of investigation of mineral deposits".

At the Tomsk polytechnical institute (with

1991 -the university) works since 1976. Held positions of the engineer of the research sector, the assistant, senior teacher and associate professor of the technology of investigation of mineral deposits of prospecting faculty. In 1995 it was elected to a position of the head of the department of drilling of oil and gas wells, in 1999-2001 - the dean of faculty of geological exploration and oil and gas production. From April, 2001 to April, 2005 - the vice rector for study of TPU, and in combination - the director of Institute of geology and oil and gas business (from April 16, 2003 to June 30, 2004) and professor of department of drilling of oil and gas wells, nowadays - department of well-drilling (since 2001 till present). From April, 2005 to September, 2008 - the deputy governor of the Tomsk region according to the personnel policy. From September 12, 2008 to 29.12.2008 - the acting rector of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. Since December 30, 2008 till present - the rector of the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

From September 1, 1985 to May 15, 1987 studied in a postgraduate study under the scientific guide of professor S.S. Sulakshin. Defended the master's thesis on November 20, 1987 in the Leningrad mining institute. From September 1, 1997 to May 8, 1999 studied in doctoral studies of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), defended the doctoral dissertation on April 5, 2000 in TPU.

On November 19, 1992 to P.S. Chubik the academic status of the associate professor on department of the technology of investigation of mineral deposits, and on October 17, 2001 - an academic status of professor of department of drilling of oil and gas wells is given.

P.S. Chubik is one of leading experts of Russia in the field of boring washing fluids. Author and coauthor more than 170 scientific works, including 7 monographs, 10 inventions. Prepared two candidates of science.

P.S. Chubik became the winner of a competition of grants in basic researches in the field of geology, search and investigation of mineral deposits twice.

Under the scientific guide of P.S. Chubik the state budgetary researches according to the scientific and technical programs aimed at the development of our region were carried out: "Oil and gas resources of Western Siberia", "Progress and region", "Technology of production, transport and profound oil refining, gas and condensate", economic contractual works with JSC Tomskneft and JSC Tomskneftegazgeologiya of VNK, Kuzbassuglerazvedka trust, etc.

P.S. Chubik constantly increases the professional level: in 1979 studied for FPK at the Moscow institute petrochemical and gas

the industries of I.M. Gubkin (nowadays Russian state university of oil and gas), in 1983 - at the Tomsk polytechnical institute in "Use of the COMPUTER in educational and scientific work"; passed training in the All-Russian scientific research institute on fastening of wells and drilling muds (Krasnodar), in TomskNIPIneft, in SU Tomskburneft of JSC Tomskneft of VNK. In 1997 passed a training in the research, training and engineering centers of the Schlumberger company located in Great Britain (Cambridge, Edinburgh and Aberdeen); from March 12 to April 7, 2002 - to the USA, the State of Arizona (the certificate of U.S. State Department is received). From October 4 to October 19, 2002 studied in the German academy of management in Lower Saxony (DMAN) according to the program "A control system of higher education institution. A quality management system" (the certificate of DMAN is received). In March-April, 2005 improved skills in the Russian academy of public service under the President of the Russian Federation according to the "Public Service and Personnel Policy" program; in June, 2008 - in Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf) according to the "Regional Marketing and Assistance to Development of Economy" program.

In 2003. The international organization of engineering pedagogics (IGIP) to P.S. Chubik gave the rank "International Engineer-teacher" ("International Engineering Education"). In 2004 he is awarded the diploma a visit professor of Institute of engineering construction of the Tszilinsky university (People's Republic of China, Changchun). In 2009 - Honorary professor of the Tszilinsky university.

P.S. Chubik permanent participant of competitions of scientific and methodical and research works. Repeatedly was a winner of these competitions. In 1997 it was awarded grants of Fund of development of science and education.

Participant of two All-Russian congresses of geologists; The II-V International symposiums on well-drilling in the complicated conditions; many International and also All-Union, All-Russian and other rank of scientific conferences.

P.S. Chubik is elected the full member of the International academy of Sciences of the higher school and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the corresponding member of the Russian academy of natural sciences, the Russian engineering academy. In 1997-2000 was a member of Presidium of Council of educational and methodical merging of higher education institutions of the Russian Federation for the higher oil and gas education, the chairman of scientific and methodical council of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, the scientific secretary of dissertation council. Today it is a member of the Academic council of Institute of geology and oil and gas business of TPU, the member of doctor's dissertation council, the member of council of rectors of higher education institutions of the Tomsk region, the chairman of section of oil and gas of the Tomsk scientific center of the West Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

In September, 2005 is included in the structure of editorial board of the Earth Science Edition magazine of the Ji-linsky university (People's Republic of China, Changchun).

P.S. Chubik is the author of an original lecture course on discipline "Drilling flushing and grouting muds" which he gives students of full-time, students in direction 130500 "Oil and gas business", and the students of the correspondence form studying in the specialty 130504 "Drilling of oil and gas wells". Personally and in co-authorship 24 educational and methodical works, including 6 manuals are written to them.

Being the dean of faculty, the director of institute and the vice rector of the university for study, initiated development at the university of a system of professional retraining and skills development; opening of a number of specialties, including specialties "Design, Construction and Operation of Oil and Gas Pipelines and Neftega-zokhranilishch". On its initiative and direct participation there was a transformation of faculty of geological exploration and oil and gas production to Institute of geology and oil and gas business, construction of the uchebnolaboratorny building of Institute of geology and oil and gas business, development of the center educational geological the practician in Khakassia. Pyotr Savelyevich stood at the origins of creation of the unique center of professional retraining of experts of oil and gas business together with the Heriot-Watt university, the systems of elite technical education.

On a voluntary basis from December 26, 2002 to April 20, 2005 P.S. Chubik worked as the Chairman of the Committee on work and social policy of the State Duma of the Tomsk region which deputy he was elected on December 16, 2001

It is awarded with the sign "Excellent Student of Exploration" (1996), the silver medal "For Merits before Tomsk Polytechnic University" (2000), the sign "Miner's Glory" III of degree (2001), an Order of Honour (2009), awarded ranks "Honorary Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation" (2001).

All course of life of Pyotr Savelyevich Chubik is closely connected with the region in which it actively works all the creative life. With growth of qualification of P.S. Chubik as expert in the field of well-drilling, in the field of the organization and management of educational process its return to the native region grew in Institute of geology and oil and gas business, at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. A considerable part of graduates of department of well-drilling, the Institute of geology and oil and gas business, the Tomsk Polytechnic University prepared with active participation of professor P.S. Chubik (and it is thousands of graduates), works in the territory of the CIS, making the contribution to development of its mineral resources.

The staff of the Tomsk Polytechnic University congratulates the rector of TPU, professor of department of well-drilling on anniversary and wishes it great creative achievements, health and happiness.

Dustin Edwards
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