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Vasily Aleksandrovich Lobov (to 100-year anniversary)

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R.H. Muslimoye, N.S. Gatiyatullin, I.H. Kaveev


VASILY ALEKSANDROVICH LOBOV (to 100-year anniversary)


- the outstanding scientist, the theorist and the practician, the ideological innovator, the doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences having unique experience of professional and organizing work in various organizations of the oil industry in the 60-70th of last century rather widely knew the Name of V.A. Lobov to the geological public of the Central Russia. Encyclopedic knowledge, irrepressible energy, exclusive working capacity, a scientific intuition and love for the chosen profession - all this predetermined the most interesting, rich geological fate of the graduate of a geofak of the Perm State University in events in 1937.

Vasily Aleksandrovich Lobov in Alapaevsk near Yekaterinburg in family of the land surveyor Was born on August 10, 1912

>, got an education fine for those times, practised painting, music so in the twenties when the Volga region and the Urals were covered by hunger, young Vasily had even to work as the ballroom pianist-pianist at movie theater, & #34; sewing live звук" to silent movies.

some time worked as

After the termination of the university at department of geology of Pedagogical Institute as the chief geologist of an expedition & #34; Союзгазосъемка" from VNIGNI as to a student's bench learned work of the boring worker, master, foreman. These years practically all Perm Cisural area where on the marked-out gas anomalies a nave-tegazorazvedochnoye drilling was carried out was covered with shooting. And, it is quite probable that at this particular time Lobov for the first time had thoughts of existence of deep hydrocarbon sources.

V.A. Lobov worked with

C 1941 for 1961 in various organizations of the oil industry, holding positions from the head of geology department of trust & #34; Куйбышевнеф-тегазразведка" chief geologist of geological search office, head of department of institute & #34; Гипровостокнефть" directors of KuybyshevNII NP institute. In 1946 it defends the master's thesis - & #34; Geological structure and prospects of oil-bearing capacity Southern Zhigulyovsk дислокации" in which it assigned the predominating part to tectonics as the major strukturoformiru-yushchy factor that, eventually, influenced also assessment of prospects of oil-and-gas content. And exactly in ten years, in 1956, in the same Saratov State University, the Academic council unanimously appropriated it degree of the doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences on a subject & #34; Tectonics and prospects of oil-bearing capacity Kuibyshev области". Then he was approved as professor of department of geology of oil and gas at the Kuibyshev industrial institute where gave lectures to students on geology of oil and gas, on historical and oil-field geology. For successful work in oil industry, for fruitful activity in the field of training of young qualified personnel V.A. Lobov repeatedly

was marked out by the state awards. These years it published more than 100 scientific works.

we Will note

that V.A. Lobov during all his unruly creative and research activity these years was constantly concerned by issues of complex studying the crystal base from petrosearch positions. Understanding that it gradually turns in & #34; white ворону" among the former colleagues who preferred official privileges, material stability, respectability and tranquility of the official from geology to biting variable winds and storms he goes to Kazan where among the same stagnancy and conservatism there were his adherents who were not frightened of hails of the authorities of dignitaries, not accepting traditional, standard and for a long time the decayed arguments in favor of the genetic concept dominating then.

At this time VA.Lobov begins the whole series of publications concerning migration and oil-and-gas content of the crystal base, openly polemizing with opponents and finding a great number of new supporters, he visited many organizations for the country, defended the beliefs at such known capital institutes as IGIRGI, MINKHIGP, VNIGNI. At the same time Vasily Aleksandrovich as the wise, skilled scientist, made only the correct decision - to plan the superdeep parametrical well, proving potential oil-and-gas content of the crystal basis by a possibility of penetration of UV-fluids by step and forward distant migration from the Cis-Urals deflection. It was one of options of practical application of the theory of biogenous origin of oil. Similar justification, of course, raised certain doubts concerning reality of arguments, their selection, logic, however, some supporters supported, others kept silent, the third were skeptical about it enough, remaining in general adjusted kindly, and ardent opponents were almost neutralized by timely intervention of regional party bodies and the managements ON & #34; Татнефть" who expected relevance and importance of the forthcoming works. Moreover, in 1973 V.A. Lobov becomes the head of the sector of geology and oil-bearing capacity of the crystal base as a part of the Kazan branch TatNIPIneft. The scientific division with the similar name in the country was not yet.

the Parametrical well with serial number 20000 was spudded by

in the sunny April afternoon on the high hill within Minnibayevskaya Square in the center of the huge Romashkinsky field. From depth of 1890 m, i.e. practically from opening of a roof arkhace-to-nizhneproterozoyskogo a complex of formations, drilling was made with coring through each 20 m of a driving on 5 m. The general driving with coring on the well made more than 340 m. Extreme depth of well 20000 was 5099 m

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