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The life devoted to oil science

a. S. Shishlov, R.H. Usmanov, M.A. Azamatov, N.V. Kudlayova Application of modern methods of alignment of a profile...

the Life devoted to oil science

Sergey Fedorovich Lyushin treats a brilliant group of oil industry workers of the Republic of Bashkortostan and Russia. The honored worker of science and technology of BASSR, to. tekhn. the N, the excellent student of oil industry of the USSR, the winner of the State award of Council of ministers of the USSR, is awarded with the Order of Friendship of the people and medals - it passed a way from the engineer to the deputy director of Bashnipineft. The largest expert and the organizer of scientific research in the field of fight against deposits, the author more than 70 printing works, including 5 monographs and 20 copyright certificates, owners of medals of ENEA, the member of dissertation councils at the Ufa Oil Institute (UOI) and Bashnipineft, the chairman of GEK on protection of theses in UOI.

S.F. Lyushin was born
20.03.1930 in the village Urals Yutazins-kogo of the region of TACCP, graduated from Ufa Oil Institute in 1953, on distribution went to work in Uf-scientific research institute (Bashnipineft) and devoted to science the next 38 years of the life in one of the oldest and leading research institutes of the country.

the Beginning of its scientific activity coincided with rapid development of oil production and oil science in the USSR. Many works performed by it and under its management were the first and their results are used so far. Among them: methods of a research of delivery and oil wells, the modes of operation of oil wells, fundamental researches of the mechanism of loss of paraffin and inorganic salts, methods of prevention and fight against deposits in wells and the oil-field equipment.

a Specific place in its scientific activity is held by development at world level of chemical methods of fight against organic and inorganic deposits. He directed the GKNT USSR programs and Minneftep-roma in this area. For their performance the leading specialized firms of the USA, England, Germany and other countries were attracted, joint researches as in basic laboratory of Bashnipineft were conducted, and abroad with its direct participation.

the Scientific level and practical value of its researches promoted transformation of Bashnipineft into parent organization in the field of fight against deposits.

the role of its long-term scientific research in creation of the Soyuzneftepromkhim organization (SNPH), - head in synthesis, production and providing with chemical reagents practically of all processes of oil production Is big

>. Many developments of the laboratory headed by it were the basis for activity of this organization.

the Scientific direction of researches to which he devoted the life and is relevant today

>. Again the problem of deposits of paraffin "comes to life", the problem of deposits of inorganic salts remains, the problem of deposits of sulfide of iron arises and becomes more active. In the solution of these problems chemical methods to which justification and development he directed many efforts and knowledge are fundamental. His pupils, colleagues and colleagues together with young specialists work on their decision in a modern situation.

Holding within 10 years a position of the deputy director on science in the field of oil production, repair of wells, preparation of oil, environmental protection and drilling, it coordinated research works, proved before ANC Bashneft and NGDU of a problem of applied science, implementation of their results in production.

Sergey Fedorovich Lyushin is the prominent scientist and the large organizer of science, left the mark in one of the most relevant fields of oil-field business. He managed to glance forward and was one of initiators of chemicalixation of technological processes of the oil-extracting industry.


these days to S.F. Lyushin would execute 80 years. Unfortunately, more than 19 years it is not among us. In life often happens so that the best people leave us disappointingly early. But we, his colleagues, colleagues and friends, do not forget Sergey Fedorovich. He is our constant mentor and the opponent. Its human qualities and scientific inheritance pass from father to son, calling us for purity of experiments and honesty, both in science, and in life.

From veterans of UfNII-Bashnipineft With priznateljnostjyu R.H. Masagutov

the Termination of article A.C. Shishlov, R.H. Usmanov, M.A. Azamatov, N.V. Kudlayova "Application of modern methods of alignment of a profile of acceleration performance...:

Alexey Sergeyevich Shishlov


service of increase in oil recovery of layers of Muravlenkov-skneft Branch of JSC Gazpromneft-NNG.

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Rustem Hamityanovich Usmanov

Chief of service of increase in oil recovery of layers of Muravlenkov-skneft branch of JSC Gazpromneft-NNG.

629603, Russian Federation, YaNAO, of Muravlenko, Lenin St., 82/19. Ph.: & #43;7 9220-60-03-37.

Naylya Vladimirovna Inzhener service of increase in oil recovery of layers of Muravlenkov-skneft Branch of JSC Gazpromneft-NNG. Area of scientific interests: geology and development of oil and gas fields, assessment of collection properties and structures of tanks.

629603, Russian Federation, Tyum. area, Lenin St., 82/19. Ph.: & #43;7 9120-72-98-77.

of YaNAO, Mr. Muravlenko,

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