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40 anniversary of Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Institute of Eye Diseases of the Russian Academy of Medical Science

C.Yu. Petrov


the 40 anniversary of federal state budgetary Institution "Research institute

of eye diseases" the Russian Academy of Medical Science

In 1973 at the initiative of the Minister of Health, the outstanding surgeon, the academician B.V. Petrovsky made the decision on the organization of All-Union scientific research institute of eye diseases of MZ USSR. This event was initiated by need of implementation of the big program of the country leaders of that time for modernization of all health care system. Within this program a part of the created institutions represented the so-called associations consisting of scientific research institute and profile departments of the leading medical institutes of the country. And therefore at first before moving to the modern building of scientific research institute of eye diseases worked at base of clinic of department of eye diseases of 1 Moscow medical institute of I.M. Sechenov.

the institute was transferred to

In 1985 to the rule of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences which successor after disintegration of the Soviet Union there was Russian AMN. The director of scientific research institute and at the same time the head of the department within nearly 30 years was the outstanding ophthalmologist, Hera of Socialist Work,

the winner Leninskoy and State awards the academician M.M. Krasnov.

They say that 40-year anniversary cannot be celebrated, however this term - professional life even not of one, but several generations of staff of institute and department.

on September 20, 2013 in scientific research institute of eye diseases of the Russian Academy of Medical Science there took place the conference devoted to anniversary of establishment. The director of institute academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science S.E. Avetisov opened a meeting an opening speech, having announced minute of memory of the left colleagues.


Specially to anniversary prepared and showed the video about the history of creation and work of institute. With surprising warmth the employees told about the first years of collaboration, about active young collective, vigorously generating the new ideas.

a Number of leading experts of scientific research institute were awarded with memorable diplomas: former deputy director professor I.A. Mustayev, head of department of pathology of a cornea professor A.A. Kasparov, associate professor of eye diseases N.N. Piedmont, scientific secretary of institute I.I. Kuznetsova.


representatives of superior organizations and heads of friendly ophthalmologic institutions performed With congratulations: the Assistant Secretary of health care of Russia I.L. Andreyeva, the vice president of the Russian Academy of Medical Science academician A.A. Baranov, the director of the Moscow Scientific Research Institute GB of Helmholtz of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation professor V.V. Neroyev, the CEO of MNTK "Eye Microsurgery" of S.N. Fedorov professor A.M. Chukhrayev, the director of the Ufa scientific research institute of eye diseases of AN of the Republic of Bashkortostan professor M.M. Bikbov, the president of the Russian glaukomny society, the head of the department of eye diseases of medical faculty of RNIMU professor E.A. Egorov, the CEO of the All-Russian center of eye and plastic surgery Grew-is sensible professor E.R. Muldashev, the head of the department of ophthalmology No. 1 of Northwest GMU of I.I. Mechnikov professor V.N. Alekseev, professor E.E. Grishina, the chief non-staff ophthalmologist of the Southern Federal District L.Sh. Ramazano-va, the director of the Dagestan center of microsurgery of an eye professor A. - G.D. Aliyev and many others.


separately read congratulatory telegrams and the addresses.

Traditionally anniversary actions in the lead medical institutions are complemented with the long scientific program. But this day the organizers decided to change tradition, having reduced a scientific component to one performance presented in a format of the commencement address of the director of Scientific Research Institute GB S. E. Aveti-sova "Refraction violations, top trends of studying etiopa-togenez, improvement of methods of diagnostics, monitoring and correction".


In the report presented clinical classification of refraction violations (symptomatic, uncomplicated, complicated and


combined), there was a speech about evolution of methods of anomalies of a refraction, such as subjective methods, skiaskopiya, manual oftalmo- and refractometry, automatic refractometry and also about the modern hi-tech methods which are turning on analyzers of biomechanical properties of a fibrous cover of an eye. Indications, contraindications, merits and demerits of all modern methods of correction of ametropiya were in detail considered.

After the scientific assembly report the solemn procedure

took place

of delivery of diplomas and cloaks of honorary professors of scientific research institute of eye diseases of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

the Term "professor" which received the official status from 16th century (at the University of Oxford), "the teacher, the expert of high level of competence who is an expert in a certain field of science or art" means. And, of course, Scientific Research Institute GB Russian Academy of Medical Science, as well as other institutions, can be proud of the considerable number of dear professors whose works on the right are known as in Russia, and abroad. But the 40-year age obliges to be proud first of all not only of collective, but also its traditions. Perhaps, it also served as the cause of new tradition - institute of honorary professors (in Latin - professor emeritus).

the Decision of the academic council the rank "Honorary Professor" was appropriated by

to the academician A.F. Brovkina, professor V.V. Volkov and professor V.S. Akopyan. After the rewarding each of them made the assembly 15-minute report.

At the time the All-Union scientific research institute of eye diseases was the real source of manpower for many republics of the Soviet Union: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia, Uzbekistan and many others. And in conclusion of an anniversary conference the honourable diplomas marked out so-called "graduates" of institute: head of the department of eye diseases of the Tbilisi state university professor M.L. Dvali, head of the ophthalmologic center professor Ch. Dzharulla-zade (Baku), head of the department of eye diseases of the Azerbaijani medical university professor P.G. Musayev, head of ophthalmologic clinic of the Lithuanian medical university professor V. Yashinskas and professor N.N. Pivovarov.

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