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M.P. Petrov (to the 100 anniversary since birth)

m. P. Petrov


(to the 100 anniversary since birth)

In October, 2006 executed 100 years since the birth of Mikhail Platonovich Petrov (1906-1978) - the outstanding scientist and the organizer of science who created domestic school of a pustynovedeniye and gave 30 years of the life to the St. Petersburg university.

M.P. Petrov was born

at the Zuyevka Permskoy station of the railroad (Vyatka province) in family of the driver of the engine. After the termination of industrial and economic technical school in Vyatka in 1925 arrived on geographical faculty I LIE where outstanding scientists - academicians L.S. Berg, A.E. Fersman, N.I. Kuznetsov and V.N. Sukachyov were his teachers.

Mikhail Platonovich, though was born within Non-Black Earth Region, but gave the heart to deserts to which study he devoted the life. "I on calling not the hermit but only the hermit", - laughing, he said. Still being a student I LIE, in 1928 according to the recommendation of the academician N.I. Vavilov he becomes the director of the Repeteksky sand-desert station in Kara Kum. Work in numerous expeditions in Central and Central Asia, acquaintance to work of scientific institutions in the arid countries of all continents become the strong base of its scientific activity. In 1940 the academic degree of the Dr.Sci.Biol. is appropriated to it, in 1944 he is a professor and the Honored worker of science of the Turkmen SSR. In 1951 the Academy of Sciences of the Turkmen SSR and Mikhail Platonovich was created elect her the academician and the vice president.

In 1973 the book by M.P. Petrov of "The desert of the globe" translated to many languages and awarded the Big gold medal of the Geographical Society of the USSR is published. Its regional geographical works were also connected with arid regions of the world: Iran (1955), two-volume monograph "Deserts of Central Asia" (1966, 1967). Mikhail Platonovich paid much attention to practical questions of fight against mobile sands: "Mobile sands of deserts and semi-deserts of USSR and fight against them" (1950), "Deserts of the USSR and their development" (1964). For works on phytomelioration of sands it in 1978 was conferred the State award of the USSR.

Since 1958 to the death Mikhail Platonovich is professor of department of physical geography I LIE, since 1960 - the dean of geographical faculty, since 1970 - the vice president of the Geographical Society of the USSR.

Mikhail Platonovich's

the special charm, responsiveness, high insistence to themselves distinguished, goodwill to people around, ability to work with youth, ability in a difficult situation to make the right decisions. The versatile contacts with the academic institutes and higher education institutions of Central Asia and Kazakhstan which developed at it promoted carrying out field the practician of students and scientific expeditions to these regions.

the Associate professor of physical geography of N.N. Pavlov notes that in the 1970th years thanks to Mikhail Platonovich's help it managed to conduct two big expeditions to Central Asia with students. One of them took place on the Lake Issyk Kul (Tien Shan), another - to the desert Cara Qom.

remembers M.D. Ufimtsev's

that in the 1960th years she was lucky to work with M.P. Petrov in the South Ural complex expedition organized by M.M. Yermolaev. This expedition which united the staff of departments of geographical faculty and Geografo-economichesky institute and also some departments of geological faculty I LIE, was good school for students and young graduates. The collective monograph "Geochemistry of Landscapes of the Southeast Trans-Ural Region" (1966) which editor-in-chief was M.P. Petrov became result of work. From this point at department of botanical geography the direction on biogeochemical indication began to develop.

the Prof. A.N. Lastochkin, the graduate of department of physical geography of 1962, remembers: "Mikhail Platonovich was very sympathetic and attentive to youth. He - one of the few at faculty who after issue even of the most insignificant work, never shunned to approach and congratulate the young colleague on the publication".

On memoirs of E.V. Maximov working at department of physical geography, Mikhail Platonovich was the honest and basic person who was not afraid to make crucial decisions and to be responsible for them. At the same time it should be noted his tactfulness and diplomacy - its decisions did not lead to the conflicts and conflicts in collective.

the Prof. D.V. Sevastyanov remembers

>: "Mikhail Platonovich gave to me an initial impetus for occupation science, having offered scope of a research and the subsequent publication. He liked to work with youth and insistently advised after the termination of the university at first to work on places, in regions, and already then to come to a postgraduate study".

the Significant role M.P. Petrov's activity the bulletin of the Leningrad university in formation of the magazine "Played. It is gray. 7: Geology, geography". As the editor-in-chief of the magazine he with very great attention treated the materials published in it.

Mikhail Platonovich was happy

in marriage, having cast in the lot with the student of the Average and Asian university Veronika Kazimirovna Vasilevskaya coming from a family of great antiquity Lodyginykh. They got acquainted in Kara Kum and in the same place in Repeteka in 1933 they gave birth to the son named Kirill who successfully continued further business of the father.

by Mikhail Platonovich Staraniyami's

created domestic school of pustynoved, dozens of experts of the top skills - candidates and doctors of science are trained. The group of outstanding scientists where, undoubtedly, also he entered, in the 60-70th years of the 20th century defined high authority of geographical faculty I LIE at us in the country and abroad.

Harvey Williams
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