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Priboy plant and hydroacoustics of TRTU

ZAVOD "SURF" And HYDROACOUSTICS of TRTU of V.I. Tymoshenko, S.P. Tarasov

Taganrog state radio engineering university

The Priboy plant - to the hero of the anniversary is 65 years old. But in year of establishment of the Taganrog radio engineering institute (TRTI), nowadays the university (TRTU), in 1952 to the instrument-making plant "Priboy" the profile - release of sonar stations and complexes for Navy of the country was specified, and since 1957 the problem of development and release of the domestic rybopoiskovy hydroacoustic equipment for fishing fleet was added.

Since then two city-forming organizations - Priboy and TRTU in many respects interacted on a field of hydroacoustics and the accompanying fields of science and technology. For half a century the nice joint way is passed. It is time to designate the main milestones of the specified interaction.

Before 1952 the Priboy plant was one of initiators of creation of TRTI. Hundreds of experts for development, development and release of the difficult hydroacoustic equipment were required for the plant and its experimental design bureau (created in 1949). And TRTI gradually began to solve this problem in cooperation with the plant and its experimental design bureau. The plant already since the beginning of the 50th years of the last century mastered serial release of the large sonar station "Tamir-11", hydroacoustic exercise machines "Studies", "Tour" and "Mius". Since 1957 the release of the first domestic rybopoiskovy Perch sonic depth finder developed by experimental design bureau of the plant is begun. Industrial production of the rybopoiskovy hydroacoustic equipment began with this product in our country (we will note, in our city). Hydroacoustic needs of the Navy were provided with a number of the enterprises in the different ends of the country, and here needs of the fishery fleet - only the Priboy plant and its experimental design bureau. Let's remind that the proteinaceous fish products were required for the country. The fishery fleet of the USSR contained up to 10 thousand of a different ships class. And on each of these vessels it was necessary to establish hydroacoustic rybopoiskovy stations. Sometimes and not one. The only developer (the monopolist as now speak) the rybopoiskovy hydroacoustic equipment in the country defined Taganrog. That is why in 1962 at the initiative of the Priboy plant in TRTI the department of the electrohydroacoustic and ultrasonic equipment was created. Professor Leonti Fedorovich Lependin - the author of the famous textbook "Acoustics", Higher school publishing house was the first head of the department. This book since 1978 is the reference book at all akustik of the country. From the first days of creation the department closely interacted with the plant and its experimental design bureau. Leading experts of the enterprise (R.A. Sokolov, Yu.L. Tissenbaum, Yu.A. Kramarov, G.Ya. Goldstein and many others) taught separate lecture courses, created laboratory cycles with teachers, directed a work practice, academic year and degree projects. Often protection of projects were carried out directly at the plant. Further the branch of department at the Priboy plant which was directed the deputy chief engineer Rubidy Anatolyevich by Sokolov was created, and the branch from last year updated is headed by our graduate - the deputy chief of experimental design bureau of the Vladimir Mikhaylovich Tagobitsky plant.

Till 2004 the department let out more than 4000 highly skilled engineers, about 100 candidates and 10 doctors of science. From them more than 1500 engineers were trained for the Priboy plant and its experimental design bureau (since 1984 - Scientific Research Institute Briz). Now the department of electrohydroacoustic and medical equipment is one of the biggest in TRTU. It trains bachelors, engineers and masters on five specialties and three directions, there are a postgraduate study and doctoral studies.

The name of article we limited its contents to the generalized nauchnotekhnichesky term "HYDROACOUSTICS". Authors believe that our colleagues from TRTU will analyze interaction of other departments and the scientific directions of our university (computer facilities, automatic equipment, electronics, radio engineering, and nowadays and economies, management and others) with multidimensional activity of the Priboy plant. The general figure of graduates of TRTU (TRTI) working at the different specialties Priboy plant exceeds 5 thousand experts.

From first years of activity of department of the electrohydroacoustic and ultrasonic equipment in TRTU the scientific and technical conferences "Applied Acoustics" began to be held. Them more than 20 were carried out. And indispensable participants and co-organizers were leading experts of the plant and its experimental design bureau. More than 100 participants from Moscow, Leningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and other cities sometimes gathered on conferences. There came the leading scientists and specialists hydroacoustics from akin, ioran, Central Research Institute MORFIZPRIBOR, Central Research Institute HYDROPRIBOR, VNIRO, NIRFI, LETI, MSU, LIE, etc. Their lectures and performances were useful not only to teachers and young scientific TRTI, but also leading experts of the plant and its experimental design bureau. So we for many years, helping each other, increased the educational level. From it the quality of the created scientific products grew in TRTI and the released hydroacoustic equipment at the Priboy plant and its experimental design bureau. Among leading experts of the plant and experimental design bureau there were candidates of science prepared through TRTI postgraduate study (Yu.L. Tissenbaum, V.M. Dushat-kin, V.V. Usov, M.A. Stepanov, etc.). The line of training of candidates of science on hydroacoustics for the enterprise and its divisions proceeds.

The hydroacoustic subject for ensuring requirements of the Priboy plant, the Navy, oceanology began "to creep away" in TRTI. At naval department by the end of the 60th years the powerful scientific group was created (dots. V.M. Chernitser, V.G. Belkin, etc.), created a number of devices for processing of hydroacoustic signals. Then this subject extended and went deep in works of institute OKB Mius.

At faculty of automatic equipment and computer facilities of TRTI began, and then in Scientific Research Institute OMVS works on creation of multiprocessor computers for hydroacoustics were continued under the leadership of the academician Anatoly Vasilyevich Kalyaev. So, in 1966 in the AKIN Sukhumi branch the country's first began to function the 40-processor digital integrating Omega car created in TRTI for processing of hydroacoustic signals for the purpose of their classification (the research supervisor A.V. Kalyaev, executive G.Sh. Avetisov, developers Yu.V. Chernukhin, L.S. Bernstein, etc.).

Doctoral dissertations of professors of TRTU were devoted to the solution of the important economic tasks (is an official formulation of the Highest certifying commission) connected with hydroacoustics problems (V.P. Ryzhova, V.P. Fedosova, K.V. Filatova, L.A. Zinchenko, etc.).

The department electrohydroacoustic and the TRTI (TRTU) ultrasonic equipment always carried out large volume economic contractual research, and sometimes and developmental works. A considerable part of these works was carried out for experimental design bureau of the plant, further for Scientific Research Institute Briz. In the book "Destiny created" (the bus of V.I. Tymoshenko, Rostov-on-Don, the Rostov book publishing house, 2001, 562 p.) by years provided data on volume, names, "customers" and terms of performance of research and development of department and also on all significant events and indicators of work of department in 40 years. The means earned by department were spent not only for encouragement of performers, but also for equipment of educational process and scientific laboratories. So, (in 1980-1981) the department by own efforts constructed an extension of 80 sq.m with the big hydroacoustic measuring pool. Telescopic rotary and sliding device and system of automatic control of parameters

the pool were made at the Priboy plant and in OKB Briz. Still hydroacoustic pool serves faithfully for carrying out acoustic measurements and also for performance of educational laboratory works as students and various research works. Any university of Russia (and Europe) has no similar equipment.

The strengthened educational and scientific communications of department with the Priboy plant and OKB Briz led to creation in 1981 at these enterprises of branch of department under the leadership of the deputy chief engineer of the plant R.A. Sokolov. The staff of branch gave lectures, practical and laboratory works directly in the conditions of the plant. Here for students all types of practice were organized. Future engineers already on the fourth or fifth courses were taken at the staff the plant, studied and worked on implementation of real production programs of the hydroacoustic enterprises. Protection of academic year and degree projects directly in the conditions of the plant were a wreath of work of branch. The State Examination Board (SEB) organized special field meetings at the Priboy plant. For target training of specialists the Priboy plant and Scientific Research Institute Briz provided substantial assistance to department under repair of rooms, materials (ceramics, glues, etc.) and devices.

For the last 50 years in Taganrog at the Priboy plant and its experimental design bureau (nowadays Scientific Research Institute Briz) developed about 80 various hydroacoustic rybopoiskovy stations and complexes. From them more than 50 went to mass production. The Priboy plant for Navy of the country provided developments and release of all hydroacoustic exercise machines, the plant is instrumented more than 70% of the surface ships of the country. The hydroacoustic equipment released by the enterprise was exported to 11 countries. We are proud of the fact that in these achievements there is a noticeable contribution of graduates-hydroakustikov of TRTU. Since the end of the 80th years of the last century the Priboy plant makes also the difficult medical equipment (electroencephalographs, etc.) that is related also to new specialties of biomedical engineering of our department.

Separately it is necessary to tell that the department published more than 30 scientific books (generally on hydroacoustics), two of them left in the leading scientific publishing house AIP-press in the USA in New York. One of 30 specified books is written on materials of creation of the hydroacoustic equipment with the staff of experimental design bureau: "Designing of the hydroacoustic rybopoiskovy equipment" (authors Yu.S. Kobyakov, N.N. Kudryavtsev, V.I. Tymoshenko. Leningrad: Sudostroyeniye publishing house, 1986). It is known that the department won a grant of the Russian Federal Property Fund and published in 1999 under V.I. Tymoshenko's edition the fundamental "Hydroacoustic encyclopedia". Now use this book in libraries of all universities of the country. There are articles written by the staff of the Priboy plant and Scientific Research Institute Briz. The second edition of "the Hydroacoustic encyclopedia" appeared in 2001

In fundamental books "Encyclopedia of Taganrog" (editions 1998 and 2003 of, the editor-in-chief professor V.I. Tymoshenko) there are a lot of articles and data it is placed about history and activity of the Priboy plant and its outstanding workers.

It is necessary to distinguish the book "Hydroacoustics History" from publications of department (authors A.G. Grabar, I.S. Zakharov, V.I. Tymoshenko, E.N. Shoshkov. Rostov-on-Don: Rostizdat, 2002. 560 pages). The events connected with hydroacoustics of Russia more than in 100 last years are reflected in it. In the book there are a lot of data on achievements in hydroacoustics of Taganrog and, in particular, the Priboy plant and its experimental design bureau. All State tests of hydroacoustic stations and complexes with instructions of chief designers, directors, chief engineers and so forth are listed. The book "Hydroacoustics History" is written with the leading naval hydroakustika - historians of St. Petersburg and is, in our opinion, significant achievement of hydroacoustics of Taganrog.

In conclusion of article it would be desirable to note how the main scientific direction of NONLINEAR HYDROACOUSTICS department was formed and as in this process the Priboy plant, its experimental design bureau participated (in further Scientific Research Institute Briz). The department counts the birth of "Nonlinear hydroacoustics" in TRTI from the early studies begun in 1965. In 1974 and 1976 in Taganrog the 1st and 2nd were held All-Union scientific and technical meetings under the motto "Nonlinear Hydroacoustics". There were first models of devices and the first master's theses. By the way, by the present moment from 10 doctoral dissertations of department 6 are protected for the last 6 years (V.A. Voronin, S.P. Tarasov, N.P. Zagray, S.A. Borisov, A.I. Markoliya and N.N. Chernov). The last protection took place in October, 2004

Acoustics of TRTU in it reached an absolute record. 2 more doctoral dissertations on this subject now in a preparation stage. The first order for performance of economic contractual work on nonlinear hydroacoustics arrived from OKB Briz. We created the country's first measuring parametrical emitter for the hydroacoustic pool. After that created the first models of parametrical sonars at department. With them we went to numerous scientific and search (sometimes adventurous) expeditions. We put out to sea sometimes on nauchnoissledovatelsky vessels of the Priboy plant and Scientific Research Institute Briz. About introductions of the parametrical mode to rybopoiskovy stations "Peskar" and "Sargan-M" and also in "Musk deer" Taganrog acoustics are informed. With our parametrical devices we visited 60 scientific expeditions in all regions of the World Ocean. In 1985, works of TRTU in the field of nonlinear hydroacoustics are noted by the State award of the USSR in science.

About scientific results it is the best of all to read in a number of books, especially in the monograph "Acoustic Oceanologic Researches and Expeditions" (authors V.P. Kuznetsov, B.G. Mordvinov, V.I. Tymoshenko. Rostov-on-Don: Rostizdat, 2003). Technical parameters of all parametrical sonars created at department, sonic depth finders and side scan sonars are specified in the same book. The last developments of our devices passed the state tests ("customer" - MINRYBHOZ). All decisions are executed in a digital form, representation of results on the monitor, there is a powerful software, the complex is supplied with electronic cards and satellite navigation. Hydroacoustic antennas are executed in the fiberglass fairing. The department on hydroacoustics executes large orders of different departments. Cathedral personnel potential (it is a lot of doctors and candidates of science), our measuring and technological base allow to carry out for the Priboy plant, our old and reliable partner, large works, necessary for the fleet.

BASIC COMPUTING MEANS FOR PERSPECTIVE state automated systems And SAC A.R. Liss, N.V. Maltseva, A.V. Ryzhikov, G.Ts. Seledzhi

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute & #34; î«Óõ¿º»Ó¿í«Ó" St. Petersburg

The review of modern and perspective alarm and universal processors is provided. Characteristics made in CJSC MCST by request of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute Morfizpribor of the VK-27 computer system are given. The structure of basic computing means for perspective hydroacoustic stations and complexes on the basis of universal processors of MCST 150/500 razra-is offered

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