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The founder of the Siberian school of geophysicists professor D.S. Mikov strokes to the biography

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On November 19-21, 2003 in TPU there took place the All-Russian scientific conference devoted to the 100 anniversary since the birth of Dmitry Stepanovich Mikov - the founder of the Siberian school of geophysicists, the organizer of department of geophysics in the Tomsk polytechnical institute.

In the program of a conference topical issues of studying a geological structure of subsoil, search, investigation and operation of mineral deposits, environmental problems sounded.

On a conference scientists from all territory of the former USSR said reports: from Gomel to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and from Norilsk to Tashkent. Such attention to professor D.S. Mikovudaleko is not accidental.

Dmitry Stepanovich belongs to number of the famous representatives of the first generation of the geophysicists who contributed significantly to creation of geophysical service of the country. He began work with sources of the Soviet applied geophysics and for the life made much both as the scientist, and as the organizer of production of geophysical works, and as the teacher.

Dmitry Stepanovich was a personality talented, the person respectable, surprisingly modest, very exacting to himself, had versatile profound knowledge and heightened sense of a civic duty.

He was born on November 5, 1903 in of Sopeni of the Perm province in a large country family which parents did not know the diploma, but all measures acquainted with it children. Dima who received the certificate of appreciation of parish school without examinations was accepted in number of students of the Perm land management technical school which successfully ended and some time worked as the technician the land surveyor. This occupation did not satisfy inquisitive Dmitry. In 1925 he enters the Ural prospecting institute on just opened specialty where training of geophysicists-geologists was begun. The first release of such experts took place in 1930. Graduates was three, among them - Dmitry Stepanovich. Professor trained them in geophysical methods

Pyotr Konstantinovich Sobolevsky, the former naval officer, nearly two decades (from 1907 to 1920) worked at the Tomsk Institute of Technology at department of a marksheyderiya, here he, along with geodesy, was engaged in geophysical methods, generally a magnetometry. & #34; Намагниченными" there were also his first pupils, the magnetic exploration became their professional activity.

At that time it was most & #34; продвинутой" among other geophysical methods in many respects, including on volumes of application and dynamics of development.

In the Ural region in the 40-50th years of last century considerable territories in which production Dmitry Stepanovich took part in quality of the direct performer in the beginning, then the research supervisor and further the organizer of all magnetometric works in the Urals became covered by magnetic shooting. During this period it passed a way from the operator of geophysical observations to the main thing geophysics Ural (then the largest in the country) geological management of the Ministry of geology of the USSR and the head of the geophysical sector of the Ural research prospecting institute.

In the first years of work, Dmitry Stepanovich faced a problem of interpretation of field observations. Interpretation of materials vypolnya-

an elk at that time generally at the qualitative level; methods of quantitative interpretation were in a development stage. And Dmitry Stepanovich laid the talented hand to these developments: by him it was offered and tested a number of ways (paletochny) magnetic and gravitational anomalies of quantitative interpretation. Among these developments the palette which received the name in special literature & #34 is especially significant; dot palette of Mikova". By means of it with reliability, sufficient for practice, it is possible to make assessment of geometrical parameters and location of the revolting object on any anomaly of magnetic or gravitational field. This way of interpretation quickly extended in the Union and abroad. It still with success is used not only in a gravimagnitorazvedka, but also at estimated calculations of anomalies of a method of a charge, natural electric field and a method of the caused polarization. The dot palette of Mikov from the moment of its emergence and is given so far in all textbooks on a magnetic exploration as universal, simple in application and the instrument of quantitative interpretation of anomalies providing the accuracy ought for practical purposes.

Fig. 1. Dmitry Stepanovich Mikov is the founder of the Siberian school of geophysicists, the organizer of department of geophysics, the first beyond the Urals. Her permanent head from 1946 to 1979

In the same years Dmitry Stepanovich developed well-known & #34; The Atlas of theoretical curves for interpretation magnetic and gravitational аномалий".

By results of these scientific works in 1944 he defended the master's thesis: & #34; Graphic methods of calculation and interpretation magnetic and gravitational аномалий". It was in many respects pioneer work in the field of the theory and practice of a gravimagnitorazvedka.

Dmitry Stepanovich in the scientific plan dealt not only with issues of interpretation. Its feather possesses the deep generalizing works on the theory of magnetometric, gravimetric devices, to determination of petromagnitny properties of breeds and production technologies of field and laboratory measurements.

Dmitry Stepanovich's contribution to practice of studying subsoil by means of a magnetometry is not less essential. It in essence for the first time in the country executed large-scale magnetic shooting (including territories of the Subpolar Urals), possibilities of a magnetometry when studying the deep structure of the surveyed territories, search and investigation of many types of minerals are revealed. Only on these questions Dmitry Stepanovich published more than two dozen works, his experience was in this regard widely used in other regions, especially in Siberia and the republics of Central Asia.

In the late forties Dmitry Stepanovich became the scientist, widely famous in circles of experts. These post-war years the country, rising from ruin, began intensive study and development of the Siberian subsoil. It was necessary to advance geophysics here. Naturally, the corresponding shots were required first of all. In this regard the government made the decision to open department of geophysics at the Tomsk polytechnical institute.

Invited Dmitry Stepanovich to a position of the manager. Ural residents did not release him. Business reached government level. Here what was written then by the Deputy Pred. Committee on affairs of Geology at Council of ministers of the USSR Danilchenko Deputy Pred. Committee on affairs of the Higher school at Council of ministers Queen: & #34; The Committee on affairs of Geology at Council of ministers of the USSR has no opportunity to grant your request for sending out on business of the engineer Geofizika of D.S. Mikov for pedagogical work in the Tomsk polytechnical institute. Comrade D.S. Mikov directs Geophysical service in the Ural Geological management now and release it from work will have an adverse effect...".

A crucial role in this & #34; рукопашной" the ministries played Dmitry Stepanovich's opinion. He perfectly understood need of training of geophysicists in Siberia, knew that it is very difficult to find other candidate for advance of geophysics in the Trans-Ural part of the country. Also agreed to moving to Tomsk, distinctly representing what adversities will be brought to it by this step.

Fig. 2. Dmitry Stepanovich with the pupils — geophysicists of release of 1960 at walls of the prospecting building of the Tomsk polytechnical institute (1978)

Fig. 3. Department of geophysics of the Tomsk polytechnical institute in a year of the 25 anniversary of its basis. The third on the right in the first row — the head of the department — professor, the doctor geological and mineralogical naukd. S. Mikov (1971)

Practically started creation of department from scratch. However, Dmitry Stepanovich had an experience of the organization of educational process: he several years (in the state and) worked at department of geophysical methods of the Sverdlovsk prospecting institute part-time. For the organization of department allocated to it a little. Here the order of All-Union Committee on affairs of the Higher school at SNK USSR No. 133 of March 19, 1946: & #34;1. To organize since April 1, 1946 at prospecting faculty of the Tomsk Award of the Labour Red Banner of polytechnical institute of S.M. Kirov department & #34; Geophysical methods разведки". 2. To approve the following state on department: the associate professor, the department chair — 1, is old. the laboratory assistant — 1".

Same first year, as the head of the department Dmitry Stepanovich accepted on training of first-year students, and in four (!) years walls of the Tomsk polytechnical institute left the first Siberian geophysics. They were nine people.

Dmitry Stepanovich Sozdannaya the department long time was the only geophysical department in the extensive territory from the Urals to the Far East. Did not train such experts and in the republics of Central Asia. It is natural what the organization and development of geophysical service in these regions is carried out mainly by Dmitry Stepanovich's pupils. They executed researches of the deep structure of significant areas, fundamental for all further geological works, here, introduction of geophysical methods is carried out to practice of search and investigation of fields of different types of minerals.

Along with preparation of engineering shots Dmitry Stepanovich devoted to scientific work still much time. In & #34; Tomsk период" it developed interpretation methods by an exception of elementary fields, the atlas of theoretical curves in relation to borehole magnetic measurements is created, ways opredele-are offered

a niya of size and the direction of intensity of a namagnicheniye of the revolting bodies by results of magnetic and gravitational shooting; integrated methods of interpretation of magnetic and gravitational anomalies, a number of the ways allowing to apply a wide arsenal of methods of interpretation of anomalies from vertically magnetized bodies to conditions of any direction of a namagnicheniye. For the scientific report given in 1966 on these scientific developments on the Academic council on protection of theses of TPI, to Dmitry Stepanovich the academic degree of the doctor of science was awarded, in 1967 to it the rank of professor is given.

Professor D.S. Mikov constantly kept in contact with the pupils. Together with them it generalized results of the geophysical works performed in various organizations that found reflection in the monograph & #34; Practical application geophysical методов" and in the textbook & #34; Prospecting геофизика". About 50 graduates of department under the leadership of Dmitry Stepanovich prepared and defended master's and doctoral dissertations. He published more than one hundred scientific works, including five monographs.

The department continues to work as Dmitry Stepanovich Osnovannaya fruitfully. So far by it it is released 2091 mining engineers-geofizik. They are the main center of the engineering corps of geophysicists of most the geological organizations of the Trans-Ural part of Russia, conduct research works in various scientific research institutes, organized and carry out preparation of engineering shots in several educational institutions of the country.

Dmitry Stepanovich was a non-party, but as the scientist, the production worker, the teacher was we appreciate. His merits are noted by several awards and medals, he was a part of various commissions and the academic councils, was the expert Mingeo of the USSR.

Certainly, the name of Dmitry Stepanovich Mikov will long remain in the history of origin and development of geophysical service of the country.

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