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L.N. Smirnov. To keep heritage of the Ural vanguard


SmirnovL. N

To keep heritage of the Ural vanguard

Monograph. Chelyabinsk: UGTU-UPI, 2006. - 384 pages

Review of the book by L.N. Smirnov. "Constructivism" from the "Styles in Architecture of Sverdlovsk Region" series, published by the Ministry of Culture of Sverdlovsk region, Independent institute of history of material culture and the Ural state architectural and art academy in 2008

Emergence of this book was expected long ago by architects, art critics, students of art higher education institutions and faculties, all those who not indifferently treat heritage of constructivism in the Urals.

If in the 1990th — the beginning of 2000 books with materials of researches on vanguard architecture of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ivanovo-Voznesensk were published, then experts of Yekaterinburg and the cities of Sverdlovsk region used data regional objects of heritage of constructivism only according to separate not numerous publications in magazines and to collections of scientific articles.

Having studied the book by professor L.N. Smirnov. "Constructivism", you draw a conclusion that the objects of vanguard architecture built in Yekaterinburg and the cities of Central Ural Mountains cover almost all typological palette of buildings and constructions of modern architecture of those of years, often not having analogs in domestic and world architecture.

An era of architectural constructivism in our country by the standards of history almost the moment — lasted about ten years, but it was rather bright and fruitful on the progressive architectural ideas, in a new way reflected the social maintenance of architecture of that period.

The architecture of the Sverdlovsk vanguard is an integral part of heritage of the Soviet constructivism having in 1920 — the first half the 1930th years high international authority and considerably affected ways of development of the European and world architecture. The numerous examples of nowadays existing constructivism objects given in the book (only in the capital of the Urals their more than 140) make think

about their fixed study by experts and about measures for preservation of this unique for our area and the country of a collection, in every possible way to promote it.

Objects of the Sverdlovsk vanguard are grouped by the author of the book in typological groups that considerably facilitates access to them. Sections of the book are well illustrated and are corresponded to professionally written text. The fact that the author submitted numerous short creative biographies of the architects who were actively participating in design of objects of Big Sverdlovsk and the large regional cities is positive.

I recommend the book by L.N. Smirnov. "Constructivism" to participation in the Russian and international competitions.

A.V. Dolgov

Director of UralNIIproekt of PAACH institute

Honored architect of Russia, candidate of architecture, professor, Adviser of PAACH



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