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Darwin's anniversary in Finland

v their interrelations with society. The conference took place with financial support of Fund Fritz-Tissen. The founder of an action is professor Angela Schwartz managing department of modern history of the university of Siegen, achieved success in the organization not only the international, but also cross-disciplinary conference. Reports were made by the scientists working in various areas of knowledge: stories, theology, sociology, philosophy, history of art, anthropology and so on.

Darwin's anniversary in Finland

N.E. Beregoy

St. Petersburg branch of Institute of history of natural sciences and equipment of S.I. Vavilov RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia;

The scientific community of Finland met 2009 by a number of the actions devoted to Charles Darwin's anniversary. The first of them took place at the beginning of a year, from January 7 to January 11. Every two years the university of Helsinki spends so-called "Days of science" which general subject this year was an evolution. Within this subject the wide range of questions, from natural science to humanitarian was lit. Evolutionism in modern Finland, changes in the environment and the world, evolution of space, evolution of the person, gene technologies and selection of plants, globalization and evolution of economy, evolution of music, literature and art, language of the birth and death — here the short review of the subjects discussed these days at the university of Helsinki.

Month the second event devoted to Charles Darwin's anniversary was as follows. The academy of Finland held an anniversary seminar on the subject "Origin of Species, Development of the Evolutionary Theory" which took place in Helsinki on February 12, 2009. It was opened by an opening speech of the director of Academy of Finland for Mark Mattila "Evolutionary researches and science in society". Then several professors of the university of Helsinki and a number of scientists from other scientific institutes acted. Subjects of reports also covered a wide range of questions — whether from "The choice of the partner as a part of the theory of sexual selection" to "Is far-sighted Mother Nature and what to do if the answer — is not present". All action took one day, having begun at 9:30 in the morning and having ended at 16:15 with a buffet reception of participants.

Involved in anniversary actions was not only a capital. On March 25, 2009, a month later after the seminar described above, another event, this time at the Yuvaskyula university with assistance of Institute of biological sciences and studying the environment and partial support of the universities of Helsinki and Turku took place. As well as the previous, this seminar took one day, having begun at 10:15 and having ended at 21:00. The program of a seminar consisted of two parts — till a lunch in Finnish, and after a lunch — in English. The morning session began with the report of professor of Academy Joanna Meyps "What evolution and what it is not is". After it acted professor of the university of Helsinki of the Khan Koko who published this year in collaboration with other researcher the book about evolution which received an annual state award in category "Scientific Publication"; she read the report on the subject "Modern View on Evolutionary Researches". Messages in English also affected a wide range by that are from "Grasshoppers and the origin of species" to "A structural view of evolution of viruses".

Besides the described actions in the academic environment, Year of Darwin was celebrated also in mass media of Finland. Since February, 2009, the Finnish TV companies released a number of the transfers devoted to Charles Darwin. Regularly appearing scientific program was devoted to evolution, besides several programs on radio and television lit the "Days of science" described at the beginning of given statyi2. One of programs told radio listeners about a travel by the Beagle ship, and in another — scientific and philosophical aspects of Darwinism were affected: Whether "There passed Darwin's time?".

Probably, after all did not pass as and 150 years later from the date of an exit of the well-known work which changed our understanding of the world, this discussion does not calm down and remains so relevant, as well as during lifetime of the great scientist.

The author thanks for the provided K. Korkhonen's information, Institute of a research of the wood of Finland (META).

& #34; Darwiniana" in Finland

Natalia Beregoy

St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of the History of Science and Technology named after S.I. Vavilov RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia;

The year 2009 in Finland began with several scientific events devoted to the anniversary of Charles Darwin and his famous book "The Origin of Species". Firstly, in January 7th — 11th the University of Helsinki held so called Scientific Days, which are held every second year, and this time they were devoted to Darwin and had a common theme "Evolution". On February 12th Academy of Finland held a seminar in Helsinki which was attended by many Finnish academicians and scholars. The other seminar was held on March 25th in the University of Jyvaskyla with the support of the Institute of biological and environmental sciences and the universities of Helsinki and Turku, it was bilingual, and had sessions in Finnish and English. Besides these events in the academic community, anniversary of harles Darwin was announced and discussed in many programs on the TV and radio.

A Darvinian conference in Luhansk E.I. Sokolova

Luhansk National Agricultural University, Luhansk, Ukraine;

From June 16 to June 18, 2009 in the Luhansk L university university (LNAU) there took place the International scientific conference "The synthetic theory of evolution: a state, problems, prospects", devoted to the 200 anniversary from day rozhde2 See:

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