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Ippolit Aleksandrovich Kudryashov (1885 1965)

v. G. Chicheryukin-Meyngardt KUDRYASHOV HIPPOLYTE ALEKSANDROVICH (1885 - 1965)

I.A. Ippolit Aleksandrovich Kudryashov Kudryashov was born on November 27, 1885 in Moscow in family of the lawyer. The father - Alexander Gerasimovich Kudryashov - was a commoner. Mother - Natalia Ippolitovna - came from the family of hereditary noblemen Vitsinsky included in noble genealogical books of the Voronezh and Tula provinces. Having early lost the father, Ippolit Kudryashov nevertheless successfully ended a gymnasium and entered the Moscow university on Law department. Upon termination of the university the young lawyer went to Lomzhu (the Kingdom Polish) where he began service as the assistant prosecutor.

Great war abruptly changed his life: in the fall of 1914 he voluntarily enlisted we volnoopredelyayushchitsya the 1st category. In December, after preparation in the spare artillery park in the Kiev military district, Ippolit Kudryashov arrived to the advanced positions, to the 3rd Siberian mountain artillery division standing in the Carpathians. Soon feyerverker Kudryashov

and and I 1 L

received the first military award - a soldier's St George's Cross of the 4th article for fight with the Austrians. In March, 1915, directly on the advanced positions, the former lawyer was made in the first ober-officer rank - the ensign on artillery.

Further he participated in operations of troops of Southwest and Romanian fronts. In 1917 in the lieutenant's rank Kudryashov was the junior officer of the 2nd battery of the 3rd Siberian mountain art division, the gentleman of six fighting awards to an award of St. Vladimir of the 4th article inclusive.

Being within summer months 1917 the chairman of divisional court, the lieutenant Kudryashov tried to fight against the accruing disorder in the part, however in the fall the hopelessness of its efforts became obvious. Soldiers, his brother-soldiers, every day instead of execution of active service fraternized with Germans and the Austrians on the neutral zone. During these fraternizations Russian

gunners sold to "brothers" the gun, machine guns and horses, having received for them rum, schnapps and tobacco.

Therefore in November, 1917 together with the fellow soldiers - the shtabs-captain D.B. Bologovsky and the lieutenant I. Talanov - the lieutenant Kudryashov left the battery and everything together they went to the city of Roman where the headquarters of the 4th Russian army of the Romanian front was deployed, wishing to join some anti-Soviet officer organization. However the trip to the Novel was ineffectual, and then officers-gunners went to Yassy where at that time there was a headquarters of the Russian Romanian front. There the shtabs-captain Bologovsky created the underground organization consisting of officers who killed Bolsheviks and released the Russian officers captured Bolshevist by the adjusted soldiers for the purpose of their further elimination. In December the group of officers as a part of which there was also a lieutenant Kudryashov headed by artillery captain S.R. Nilov was presented to the colonel M.G. Drozdovsky.

In the organization of the colonel Drozdovsky the group of the shtabs-captain Bologovsky performed functions of investigation and counterintelligence. The lieutenant Kudryashov did as a part of the 1st Separate team of the Russian volunteers a legendary campaign from Yass to Novocherkassk, being the ordinary shooter enlisted in officer rifle company. During a campaign Kudryashov together with Bologovsky was sent by Drozdovsky to long-range reconnaissance for establishment of communication with the general L.G. Kornilov.

After inclusion of group of the colonel Drozdovsky in the structure of Volunteer army the lieutenant Kudryashov submitted the official report about the translation it in avtobronedivizion. However it did not manage to be translated as on June 6, before the 2nd Kuban campaign, it was wounded in a breast by a shell splinter under the village of Ekaterinovskaya. Wound was very serious, and it returned to a system only in the winter.

In January, 1919 Kudryashov was appointed the commander of the Volunteer armored car, and soon made in shtabs-captains. In the winter - in the spring as a part of an avtobronedivizion of the 3rd rifle division which received patronage of the major general M.G. Drozdovsky he participated in defense of the Donetsk coal field. It was awarded the medal "Drozdovtsam" for Yassa's campaign in the spring - Don. In June, ordering the Kuban resident armored car, he was involved in fights for Kharkiv. It was wounded in a hand later by splinters when during fight the Red Army men threw "Kuban resident" hand-grenades. Wound was not dangerous, and he functioned. As a part of Drozdovsky an avtobronedivizion he did all company of 1919: offensive at Moscow and retreat to Novorossiysk.

Evacuated to the Crimea, he in April, 1920 together with the brother-soldiers took part in landing operation of the Drozdovsky division in Horlakh. Then the group of the officers and volunteers serving before in the avtobronediviziyena were included in an officer company of the 1st Drozdovsky a shooting regiment. At

the subsequent rearrangement of the Drozdovsky Kudryashov division it was transferred to l-yu the howitzer battery of Drozdovsky an art division. As a part of this battery, made in captains, it did the last military company - break from the Crimea in Northern Tavriya, defeat of a cavalry Jerks, fights against red cadets near Orekhov.

In August, 1920 Kudryashov was wounded in a hand. This time wound was serious, and it was evacuated in rear infirmary, to the Crimea. It already in October made in lieutenant colonels returned to a system on the eve of decisive fights for the Crimea.

Having receded to Sevastopol, Kudryashov divided with the brother-soldiers the Way of the Cross of the Russian army in exile: Gallipoliysky camp, moving to Bulgaria, to Orkhaniye, transition of army to self-sufficiency and, at last, "dispersion".

At the beginning of 1924 as a part of group of gallipoliyets the lieutenant colonel Kudryashov arrived to France. The group located in Lyon. Living in this city, it consisted in local office of the Union of gallipoliyets and the Russian all-military union. As well as his companions, it worked as the worker at the plant. Having married the Russian refugee Zhenni Strassner, he moved from Lyon to Saint-Bodel near Clermont-Ferrand where he became a farmer.

In the late twenties during a short interval of time Ippolit Aleksandrovich lost the wife and the only son. Having become isolated in the grief, he lived in the French remote place and almost did not communicate with the Russian emigrants. For the rest of the natural he did not take out the French citizenship and, filling out the column "nationality", wrote: "Russian refugee".

The lieutenant colonel I.A. Kudryashov in Saint-Bodele died on August 23, 1965. He was buried at the local French cemetery.

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