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Problems of legal status of the Don Cossacks

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BBK 66.6/7

S.N. Makarenko of the PROBLEM of LEGAL STATUS of the DON COSSACKS

The Cossacks as special population group, long time was not taken into account. Revival of the Don Cossacks began since 1989. In 1990 the Union of Cossacks of Russia was created and the ataman is elected. Within a year it was re-elected still

Cossacks. In 1993 N.I. Kozitsin becomes the fourth Don ataman. At him contradictions between Cossacks-stanichnikami especially became aggravated and.

In November, 1994 in Novocherkassk there passed the Big Circle on which it was proclaimed about creation new the Cossack structure- Vseveliky army Donskoy. In December 1994 years there passed one more Big Circle, on which was soz-

the alternative Vseveliky army Don is given. In 1996 attempts to carrying out the Unifying Cossack Circle which ended were made.

ky Donskoy's troops. One - carried on the public traditions, another - passed to public service. The legal collision was created.

For the purpose of involvement of Cossacks to public service by the Governor of the Rostov region subscribed the resolution "About Formation of the Trust Land Fund for Granting Lands to the Cossack Societies Entering in Howl", -

gy Vseveliky army of Donskoy organize pickets at the building of regional administration and prepare for an All-Russian action of a protest.

It is possible to solve problem G of the osudarstvenny (register) and public Cossacks to Dona only on the basis of well balanced and thought over policy in the field of material and moral incentives taking into account historical traditions and mentality of the Cossacks. By order not to solve this problem.

BBK 67.93


The Ancient Chinese wise man Lao-Zi living in the 6th century BC said: & #34; When laws and orders are multiplied - the number of thieves and мошенников" grows;. Russian President. millions seek to bypass these laws. It seems that the educational right of the Russian Federation is gradually involved in this process, seeking to emasculate laws and instructions the principle of freedom of teaching and education. But & #34; dictatorship закона" not more with pleasure than any other dictatorship as it is carried out by people, but not laws.

With special fault-finding the legislator approached requirements of respect for discipline of work and ethical standards by pedagogical workers as though in education there was a legal lawlessness. In the Federal law

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