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NIKOLAY VLADIMIROVICH VASILYEV (1930-2001) to the 75 anniversary since birth

NIKOLAY VLADIMIROVICH VASILYEV (1930-2001) to the 75 anniversary since birth

To manage to make it is as much as possible, to realize the numerous creative ideas, to make a feasible contribution to progress of society — such idea N.V. Vasilyev in day of the 70 anniversary nourished.

Having vigorous energy, flashing talent, being an optimist on life, he regretted only for one — that the century human is short. With feeling of bitterness you realize now how many still grandiose affairs this talented Scientist and Grazhdanin could make.

The academician N.V. Vasilyev was an outstanding scientist in the field of microbiology, immunology and oncology. Basic and applied researches on environmental problems and adaptation of the person, medico-environmental impacts of technogenic and radiation catastrophes fell within the scope of his scientific interests. In 1978 N.V. was elected the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, in 1980 became the full member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, in 1998 - the full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, in 1996 - the full member of Academy of ecological sciences of Ukraine.

With direct participation of N.V. Vasilyev in 1986 at the Tomsk medical institute one of the first in the Soviet Union department clinical immune was organized

| logiya and allergology; the medicobiological faculty is created. Nikolay Vasilyev was among organizers of the Tomsk medical scientific center. Being the deputy director of oncological institute (1979-1992), Nikolay Vladimirovich accurately formulated the fundamental scientific strategy of collective directed to solution A of cross-disciplinary problems in the I first stage of the concerning carcinogenesis mechanisms, onkoimmuno-■ logiya and studying regularities of oncological incidence on: ^Востоке the country thanks to which the regional institution turned into the academic institute of allied value. It dealt with issues of management, coordination of science, thanks to its efforts for development of experimental base in Tomsk the laboratory of experimental biological models as a part of TNC was created.

Since 1992 N.V. Vasilyev held a position of the deputy director for science of scientific research institute of microbiology and immunology of I.I. Mechnikov in Kharkiv. These years its main researches were devoted to issues of evolution of immunity and universal problems of consequences of technogenic catastrophes.

N.V. Vasilyev was a member of presidium of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, was a part of boards of All-Union society of immunologists and All-Union society of microbiologists, in different years was the chairman of the Tomsk office of these societies. N.V. Vasilyev was a part of editorial boards of the magazines "onkologii Voprosy", "Byulleten Sibirskogo otdeleniya RAMN".

N.V. Vasilyev conducted big public work, being the chairman of the Tomsk regional committee of defense of peace, the Tomsk office of society "Znaniye". In 1976 it was awarded with an Order of the Badge of Honour.


Nikolay Vladimirovich supervised studying environmental impacts of the Tungus accident of 1908. It one of organizers and over the years — the deputy director for science of the National Tungus nature reserve. The minor planet discovered in 1996 is called by the name of the academician N.V. Vasilyev. European Southern observatory.

Peru the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science N.V. Vasilyev possesses 610 scientific works, a number of inventions, 41 monographs, atlases and the managements. Under its management 13 doctors and 58 candidates of science were prepared.

The light memory of the teacher, the talented scientist and the extraordinary person will always live in the hearts of his numerous pupils, colleagues and friends.

Madison Kelly
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