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Evgeny Alekseyevich Kornilov is the scientist, the publicist, the writer, the playwright


Evgeny Alekseyevich Kornilov is the scientist, the publicist, the writer, the playwright (1940 - 2003)

On December 6, 2003 there was no Evgeny Alekseyevich Kornilov - known in our country and behind its boundaries of the expert in the field of history and typology of journalism, the newest means of mass communications, the local and national press, journalism research methodology.

Probably, now at the mention of his name at everyone knowing it there is the image, "the Kornilov".

Evgeny Alekseyevich Kornilov in Rostov-on-Don was born on July 3, 1940. Having graduated from historical and philological faculty of RGU in 1962, it for the rest of life connected itself(himself) with this university: worked at first as the assistant, then the senior teacher of department of journalism, came to a postgraduate study. Protection of the master's thesis devoted to an art subject in Don press of 1920 - 1925 successfully took place in Moscow in 1971. In Special council of MSU in 1987 E.A. Kornilov defended also the doctoral dissertation "The press of Don and the North Caucasus of 1917 - 1925. Historical and typological aspect".

In 1972 he became the head of the department of history of journalism which headed more than 20 years. Under the leadership of Evgeny Alekseyevich at department the scientific direction "Local and National Press of Don and North Caucasus" which united dozens of researchers of the press was created. At the initiative of E.A. Kornilov and with his active participation it was held several scientific conferences devoted to history and modern development of media of the region, collective collections and monographs are published, protected by Kandy -

Danish theses. He was the editor-in-chief of "RGU philological bulletin", the vice-chairman of an editorial board of the magazine "News of higher education institutions. North Caucasus region" (Series social sciences).

In 1987 professor E.A. Kornilov was elected the dean of faculty of philology and journalism of RGU. On this post he showed big organizing abilities, having rallied around himself the team of adherents, having given to development of faculty new quality. Evgeny Alekseyevich Vozglavlyaemy the faculty became one of the leading Russian nauchnouchebny centers and the largest in the southern Russian region. The dean was an initiator and the direct participant of the majority of the major undertakings - transition to the new multilevel system of training of specialists, discovery of new specialties and specializations, implementation of new educational technologies, etc. It infected with the working capacity also others. One of important personal qualities of E.A. Kornilov was the ability to work with people, to create the special atmosphere of goodwill and respect for all - to the venerable scientist and first-year students, seeing in everyone the personality and helping to reveal as much as possible to her potential.

Evgeny Alekseyevich was not only the research supervisor, but also the true Teacher for a great number of the students and graduate students who work in different corners of Russia and abroad now. The speaker who is perfectly owning audience, the convincing, artistic and thin story-teller, he steadily attracted interest wherever acted - in native faculty or in educational audiences of Vienna, Dortmund, Budapest, Katowice, Sa-ar-Bryukena, New York, etc.

From the first lecture he forced to listen, with bated breath, often there was an amazement from contrast between drudgery of program subjects and textbooks and gloss of what he from this created. Evgeny Alekseyevich's lectures in detail registered as accurately thought over technique helped to create the good abstract. At the same time it was absolutely deprived of arrogance and self-confidence. With people is more senior than himself on age and situation behaved modestly and quite naturally, combining a distance and necessary insistence with humanity. Not indifferent person, the tutor and the teacher he urged the pupils to be the honest experts, people ready always to come to the rescue of others.

Evgeny Alekseyevich Kornilov was a person bright, creative, many-sided. The theater was one of his addictions. And it is not accidental therefore theatrical criticism, theater life in general many years occupied in its researches and journalism such important place. In the late sixties - the beginning of the 70th it was literally absorbed by theater. Its researches on the history of the Rostov theater, the Rostov theatrical magazines of the 20th are of great interest; uncountable reviews of theater productions in all Rostov editions - "Hammer", "Komsomol member", "Evening Rostov" and the Don magazine, performances on radio and television. All Rostov theatrical critics, including Brailovsky and Nemirov, and all leading actors waited for the serious, weighed, professional reviews of Evgeny Kornilov. At the same time also the subtle diplomacy was required not to break fragile balance in art human relations. His hobby for theater had also more concrete embodiment - well-known "BRIDGE" (student's satirical theater) where Kornilov was the artistic director, the organizer and the mastermind, the author of the ideas and texts.

The special place among written by E.A. Kornilov is occupied also by hudozhestvennopublitsistichesky works. It - not only the author of many satirical stories and miniatures, but also the serious writer, the winner of several literary awards. In recent years fruitfully worked in the field of dramatic art, its plays "Last Day of the Ataman Kaledin", "Unbridled Passions, or Euthanasia in Holes Nakhchivan", "Bad Destiny" brought to the author a deserved victory in a literary competition of V.A. Zakrutkin.

Election as the chairman of the Rostov office of the Russian Fund of culture became recognition of merits of E.A. Kornilov in development of theater and culture in general.

It occurred in time, difficult for the country and the city. As far as it was possible in the conditions of disorder of domestic culture it lifted this organization to serious public level. The management of the union of journalists of Don which he had to head after elections at a regional conference was other not less complex work. Federal heads, having arrived, were surprised: as it without money the organization exists and at the Russian level is noticeable.

It is necessary to tell about its place in science in more detail. The period of a research of theater and in general the Don culture (a series of serious works of E.A. Kornilov is devoted to Martiros Saryan, Nikolay Pogodin, Alexander Fadeyev, Marius Petipa's creativity, etc.) replaced a study stage: national and local press of the North Caucasus, its features. On this subject

Kornilov directed works of many North Caucasian researchers from Nalchik, Makhachkala, Vladikavkaz (then - Ordzhonikidze), Stavropol, Krasnodar, Rostov and the Rostov region. Collections of scientific works, monographs were published, interregional scientific conferences are held. Kornilov published the solid monograph: "Soviet press of Don and North Caucasus". Working in the sphere of journalism, it cultivated deep respect for journalism in students, raising its prestige in the state.

He was engaged in studying the local press and on the Polish soil where he during the creative business trip at the Silesian university organized wide-ranging studies, held the International conference on the local press and journalism (Katowice, 1985), published the collection of theses, and then the collection of scientific works in the German, Polish and Russian languages.

Along with it one more scientific direction ripened: "Journalism typology". Need for it arose because in the numerous researches of the press conducted decades the major elements and criteria connected with features of type of the edition were not considered, E.A. Kornilov defined the main directions of researches on typology, delivered their analysis as a research task to a number of the graduate students and applicants, published a series of articles in magazines and collections. The school of sciences on journalism typology including history and the theory of typology was as a result formed. Dozens of works were published, more than twenty dissertations are defended. Then Kornilov organized for the first time in the country release of several collections of scientific works: "Typology of periodicals", "Journalism typology" and others which became widely known not only in Russia at once, but also beyond its limits. Works on typology of the Rostov school of researchers - some of the most quoted in scientific literature according to the theory and stories of journalism.

The following direction of E.A. Kornilov - "The newest means of modern communications". He the first began to give the course of the same name to students, wrote a series of works which were embodied in the solid generalizing monograph "Journalism at a Turn of the Millennia" (Rostov, 1999).

To be always such as, - clever, ironic, beautiful, intelligent, hardly someone else will manage it. Perhaps, it is impossible. But it is necessary to aspire to an ideal.

A lot of things from this what he spoke about, forever remained in memory because it is hard to say better. Not for nothing it was called diamond in an intellectual layer of Rostov.

E.G. Gezha

Joan Olivia
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