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Professor Ya.S. Pekker is 70 years old

nash heroes of the anniversary


On February 24, 2010 70 years to Yakov Semyonovich Pekker famous to the scientist, the expert in cross-disciplinary area of researches - medical and biological cybernetics were executed. And though the partnership agreement between the polytechnical and medical universities was signed at the end of January, 2010, joint developments between them in this direction are conducted since 1987. Then Yakov Semyonovich Pekker, professor of department industrial and the TPU medical electronics, began to work in SibGMU. In 1989 he created department of medical and biological cybernetics and heads it to this day.

Yakov Semyonovich is a pupil of Alexander Akimovich Vorobyov, the legendary rector-reformer, the outstanding scientist. As well as his teacher, Ya.S. Pekker is a wonderful teacher, the uncommon organizer of science and education. All his labor life is connected with the Tomsk scientific and educational complex. In TPU it was an associate professor, had pupils in the field of medical

instrument making. Then participated in creation of the first figurative small-sized betatrons. He cooperated with scientists-physicians on problems of cardiology, psychotherapy. The first samples of medical electronic devices were created under its management. When understanding of need of connection of opportunities of medical electronics and computer equipment for a medical diagnostichneskom process came, he was invited in SibGMU for development of scientific research and training of specialists in this direction. The department created by it works more than 20 years. The great number of high quality experts in computer medical technologies is during this time trained. More than 3000 doctors, interns and interns completed a course of use of the COMPUTER in medical science, practice and the organization of health care. Ya.S. Pekker's pupils on the polytechnical university and graduates of its department can be met in Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland today.

Our heroes of the anniversary

Yakov Semyonovich always was and remains the generator of the scientific, pedagogical and organizational ideas in which main thing - practical orientation, constructibility, accurate awareness of feasibility, confidence in obtaining effect. It attracts to it pupils, employees, talented young specialists, creates the special atmosphere of scientific and technical creativity. Its scientific achievements are confirmed by 8 monographs, more than 70 copyright certificates and patents (14 foreign), a rank of the Honoured worker of the higher school of the Russian Federation. Under its management 4 doctor's and 26 master's theses are defended. Developments in which Ya.S. Pekker is the research supervisor gained recognition at the regional, Russian and international levels more than once. In 2005 at the International forum on problems of science, the equipment and education in Moscow Ya.S. Pekker became the winner of the award "The Gold Diploma — 2005". And in 2007 got the Gold medal at the International exhibition congress

"High technologies. Innovations. Investments" in St. Petersburg. Ya.S. Pekker is professor of two universities - TPU and SibGMU.

Yakov Semyonovich perfectly knows French (was trained at institute of M. Thorez). It is known in scientific community and has many friends not only in Tomsk, but also is far beyond its limits. Yakov Semyonovich likes to travel with friends, is able to carry away any audience, is witty and charming. Considers that it is necessary to help the person earlier, than he about it will ask, and is disinterested. He is a happy family man: together with the wife Lyudmila Ivanovna, the teacher of department of foreign languages of the medical university, they together 41 years.

Staff of departments industrial and the TPU medical electronics and medical and biological cybernetics of SibGMU congratulates professor Yakov Semyonovich Pekker on anniversary and wishes it new creative achievements, talented pupils, health and happiness.

Kathleen Jones
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